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Myanmar Times said local operators are losing opportunities. Specialized in tailor-made packages, we ensure the best luxury travel in Myanmar. Myanmar's top tour operator in Bilaspur H O, Bilaspur-Chhattisgarh. Suggested websites in Myanmar: Travel Agencies | Tour Operators. MHT Myanmar Inbound Tour Operator License No:

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"We have been selling it for 10 years," says co-founder Amrit Singh, who was borne in Burma. "There was little request from the UK, mainly due to the call by Tourism Concern (tourismconcern.org.uk) for a ban on tourism, while UK companies and the UK administration were involved with the Burma war. Our company does not use armed forces institutions or service, hotel, airlines or agents, but only small owner-managed and privately run leaders.

"For 24 years we balked at selling Burma because the Burmese democracy called for a tourist ban, but now that this has been changing we are working with privately owned businesses. There was a need to catch up with the customers - our first journey was already booked out in a week". "We' ve been selling Burma since the early 1990' s.

There is no assurance that no funds will get to the governments (e.g. through taxes), but we work with privately owned businesses that promote collaborative ventures and sustained growth. "We' re making our first fact-finding missions in the fall because the National League for Democracy is breaking up its resistance to the tourist industry. We will use self-contained accommodation and establish sustainability tourist and host families in the countryside."

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Myanmar Experts Tour http://www.myanmarexperttours.com/ . You have a package, but can work with you on an individual tour. She has just taken a 5-day tour of Myanmar as part of the Semester at See programme. {\Awesome routine, Google it}. she had finite computer network gettability at sea, so I did the investigation for her to insight her a tour.

I had a great feedback for Myanmar Expert Tours http://www.myanmarexperttours.com/ and especially for the proprietor Mr. Mutu. Mr. Mutu was very useful in arranging a tailor-made tour for my girl and her boyfriends and was very expert in making sure they were visiting very secure places. She was always raving about the tour, the places she saw, the beautiful cuisine in Myanmar and especially the beautiful humans.

Mr. Mutu's staff led her to a marvellous and unforgettable adventure and a secure one (for Papa's soul peace). I saw Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake and my daugther adored them all. They were particularly struck by their leader to Bagan. Yahtu (pronounced Jaw2): I' m a 20 year old female and travelled with five of my girlfriends on a research tour to Myanmar.

Jahtu was our tour leader in Bagan and made the journey. Though Bagan was nice, Jahtu made the experience for the best. We all agreed that none of us ever liked a land (or a city) as much as Bagan. You say if you are traveling its the ones who make or refrain your journey and Jahtu made it.

It was the best and I would 100% reccomend it to anyone who goes to Bagan. I' d be paying any charge to have him back as my tour leader. After all, Jahtu was such a nice fellow. The five of us met him personally and shared e-mail adresses to stay on tour.

I recommend this tour 100%. The best tour I've ever been on. Got me to fell in love with Myanmar.

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