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Myanmar travel guide

Discover Burma's diverse historical sites and landscapes, accompanied by an experienced tour guide and a private vehicle. You can download one of our know before you go Guides. A private tour, permanent tour A private tour with permanent tour and private transfers. Review for Toe Toe, travel guide in Mandalay, Myanmar. High season is the cooler season from November to February.


ComENTS ABOUT Myanmar: As Rudyard Kipling once said, Burma is different from any other place you know, and he was absolutely right. More than a hundred years later, Myanmar still stays a separate country. When you plan to go to Burma, you should be ready to meet men who wear skirt-like clothing named Bongyi, girls who wear conventional make-up â danakha and old grandmothers who chew betels all the time and have their mouth full of blood-red sap.

Burma is a land that cultivates its own tradition and one would seldom see westerly attire. It is a land rich in unrepeatable and sometimes even unreal world. This may come as a big shock to you, but still humans use cars and horse-drawn carriages to get around Myanmar.

This is probably the reason why this is such a one-of-a-kind and tropical land for Europeans who are used to travelling by car or plane. And the same thing is with the web â the speed of your connection is so unbelievably low that you would hate to see you try to get on. If you don't immerse yourself in the billions of meals in the Myanmar kitchen, your trip to Myanmar won't be over.

Burma's tourist industry is not as advanced as its neighbour Laos. Indeed, there are many tourist rides in many areas, while the shortage of tourist appeal is partly due to the present Burmese politics. Since 1992, the Burmese authorities have been promoting the tourist industry, and over the years the number of Burmese visitors has risen to 1.5 million every year in 2013.

To make sure that the tourist industry is evolving and that more interested parties are interested in a visit to Burma, members of the Burmese parliament have had to enforce certain laws and regulation regarding the conduct of activities. These are the terms of use for this area. To obtain a certification that gives entry to all the country's sights and attractions and to guide all prospective tour leaders who need to complete schooling.

You will have a certain amount of learning experience during the tour, and then you will have to take an exam.

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