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There is a wide range of tours of all kinds with both exotic and well-known destinations, some of which are listed below. All about Burma Tours Burma (Myanmar) fundraising and charities

In addition to Inside Burma Tours, which supports Burma (Myanmar) by organizing annual tours around the countryside, we also want to give something back directly by sponsoring charitable organizations working there. Our team supports Child's Dream, which operates in Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. Children's Dreams offers children from Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand educational opportunities because they believe that this is an important factor for effective socioeconomic growth.

The people believe in a bottom-up and collaborative way of understanding the type of needs they have and the best way to help them. They start by helping babies and youngsters up to the ages of 12 who would otherwise not be able to receive the necessary health care.

Without them, many Burmese and Lao infants would not be able to begin attending primary and secondary schools and would therefore be able to take advantage of Child's Dream's other services. Childrens Dream also offers and supports primary care for 6 to 18 year olds in order to increase alphabetization and arithmetic skills and thus open up possibilities for the childrens futurop.

The main objective is to provide the necessary infrastructures to provide the necessary educational attainment. In order to do this, Child's Dream provides dormitories for kids who live in remote areas far from the next college, so that these kids have accommodation during their studies.

It also offers a wide selection of fellowships to help those who would otherwise not have entry into high school. Part three of Child's Dream's work is to award higher educational stipends to people over 18 years of age. In addition to supporting those who wish to go to college, they provide funding for those who wish to pursue a professional path and provide fellowships for socially responsible business.

Unfortunately, our employees and customers are faced with the reality of livelihood. We' ve selected a large variety of charitable organizations that are committed to help the people of Burma out of livelihoods. This short-list has been sent to all our employees who have chosen Child's dream.

Child's Dream information can be found both on the Internet and on Facebook. The primary way we help Child's Dream is through our clients' money-giving. Laos, Cambodia and Burma. To help us help the Child's Traum Team's amazing work, please visit our JustGiving page.

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