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Burma has opened its doors to the world and the country's amazing sights are still without mass tourism. The Myanmar Tours firmly believes in giving back to local Burmese communities through fundraising and charitable work for charities operating in Burma (Myanmar). Burma/Mayanmar Tour Operators and Bookings - Myanmar Forum

I' m a little disappointed about scheduling a vacation in Burma in November In the last 3 week I've been writing to tourist agencies (which I found online) in Burma, but haven't gotten a response from a one. Accommodation rates on-line are ludicrous and flights cannot be booked over the Internet.

I' ve had in touch with an operative who said I should make a booking before April 12th because they have a vacation party until April 22nd. Hi, I had the same initial issue as you, but I did research in this forums, contacting some of the suggested agencies and had some choices - just use the box above to look for them.

As I believe November is heading towards the high seasons, many postings on this board often refer to how hotel pricing has increased and the hotel market is very high this year. They may find a good deal on Agoda or AsiaRooms websites, but means seem to be offering the best rates. If you are looking for the best deals on Agoda or AsiaRooms websites, you will find them here.

How to make bookings on line flight - there are quite possibly not at this stage, but there are reviews from some websites to be able to make bookings internally..... Return to an agents to make a reservation in a trustworthy manner..... We left in less than two week and made bookings through OneStop Myanmar, which helped me with great prizes and quick e-mails on all my stupid questions.

Hopefully this will help, we also leave in November and have already in February contacting several tourist agencies. We were surprised that most of the requested hotel were already reserved at this point in the book. For Manie Sithu Travels (http://myanmartravelplan. net/) we chose because they are the fastest responding and Hnin was able to find us alternate accommodation.

As November is high seasons, you must make your reservation as soon as possible. You may find the available rooms on agoda.com, while the agent will tell you that all rooms are reserved. It is not necessarily higher than what the agencies have stated, but it is non-refundable.

A lot of them have increased their rates by almost 50% over last year, so the rates are appallingly high in comparison to other AAS. If you want to make a reservation, you can also try Shan Yoma. The same remark - very bad feedback from Myanmar's operator, myself, including those praising TA and other forums.

Or, if they answer, it's to be selling a package holiday, but nobody answers my request for a hire a Mandala Bagan Inle Mandalay during 8 nights - organizing a journey to Myanmar seems so stressful that I'll probably jump over Myanmar and resume travel to other South Asian destinations, where everything is so much simpler (and cheaper).

I' m seriously considering making reservations for all my accommodations through Agoda. In addition, a mate of mine organized air travel with Air Mandalay on-line. I' ve dressed and reserved at Peace House, which was very fast and effective and I can make payments via payment via PayPal. We contacted some Myanmar operatives and got no answer, so we agreed to make reservations and payment for all our accommodations with Agoda.

We' ve also e-mailed Air Bagan and our in-house services with them. Myanmar agencies are currently flooded with requests and are fighting to respond to everyone. I' ve got to get my own plane reservations, but only for Myanmar. I' ll be in Chiangmai before Myanmar.

Because of the vast number of requests the agents receive, I think the trouble is that they respond first and respond to requests that include a route with hotel, flight and maybe drivers and tourleaders. When your request is only for a few airfares, with their receipts being a few dollars, they are not going to put it at the top of the stack for a fast turn.

People who have their travel routes organised by agents have reported a very high level of job contentment and cost reduction compared to hotels.

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