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Myanmar Tour Agency

The trip was well managed by the local representatives and the Southeast Asia tour operator. Cambodia & Myanmar Tour, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat. Burma Myanmar travel information, local tour operators, nature and culture trips, less cost, make your itinerary and itinerary. Myanmar (Burma), one of the most reliable travel agencies, professionally organized with experienced and trained staff. You will find the right travel company for your trip.

Burma Tour Operator

Kyu Kyu (Managing Director & Sales Manager): She has been working in the Myanmar (Burma) tourism industry for several years as a tour operator and interest in setting up her own travel agency has developed since her entry into the travel busines. When it came to realizing her plans, she simply took the opportunity to start the deal in collaboration with Victor, a travel expert and travel agent, and she herself is a travel agency in Myanmar, Burma.

The company has plans to market the trips both inside and outside Myanmar (Burma) and in neighbouring states. Ayuda is called" to help" in Hispanic. A different sense in the old Pali tongue, which is the Buddhist scriptural tongue, "Ar Yud Da" is "Executive" or dominant.

Our ten years of diving in the Myanmar (Burma) Tour Industrie. As Myanmar's premier tour operator, we have travelled throughout the entire Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, sharing our knowledge to the most prominent cultural sites in Southeast Asia. and Myanmar (Burma) is a 100% Myanmar Regional Tour Operator & Myanmar Regional Tour Agency Co.

and employs tourism experts who use Myanmar's travel resources and travel resources. Having worked for almost 10 years as a tour leader and tour planner in Myanmar (Burma)Tourism, Victor has chosen to open his own tour agency. Victor is quite well known on Myanmar Tourism, formerly known as Burma, so he can organize the trips according to the needs of clients as a travel agency in Myanmar.

Specialized in culture trips, cycling, trekking, mountain touring, scuba in the Mergui archipelago, beach trips, nature trips and so on in Myanmar (Burma), he has expanded his experience to include Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam.

Sometimes he organizes special interest tours like Myanmar Boxing(Let Hwet) Training Tour, Myanmar Martial Arts(Thaing) Training Tour, Myanmar Traditional Dance(Ah Nyeint) and many more. Its slogan reads: Nobody knows Myanmar (Burma) better than Ayuda! Notice that he is a 100% Myanmar and his name is Win Bo Bo Bo in his Myanmar National Registration Cards.

Wellcome to Myanmar! May Thandar ("Reservation Manager"): Living near the offices, she will feel at home in our agency. Since she is the oldest in the agency, she is undoubtedly very much adept in our everyday life, so we ask for some advice when it comes to resolving a tourist issue, we respectfully do!

Recently she was named Reservation Manager due to her work and substantial work. Prost! It has been in Myanmar's tourism industry for several years. In just a few short months, she has taken up the opportunities our agency needs in the area of Tourism Operation Business. The most of the tour operations; correspond with our customers and our foreign counterparts, doing business with hotel contractors, and so on, is through their well-learned capabilities.

It looks forward to being an outstanding tour operator both in the travel industry in Myanmar and in the international travel and tourism business. She has to do everything she can to make the journeys very intelligent and smooth; she has to make sure she prints out the programmes, prints out the welcome signs, puts all hotels and catering coupons in order, etc. before she hands them over to the customers, asks the tour leaders about orders and many other tasks.

It has been active in the tourist sector for several years and eventually came to us at the beginning of 2014. We' re looking forward to your tough work in our agency. As Ko Nge is the manager for the Inle Lake area, Ko Win Naung: "His English is one of the tourist industry's best resources in the Inle Lake area.

An English-language guide and driver on Inle Lake since the 1996 tour year, the year has been designated a "Visit Myanmar Year", which provides for an increase in the length of the touristic visas from one weeks to one in three. With him missing, our side could be missing a foot and how can we paddle the ship like the Inle Lake group?

Mr. Ko Kyaw Moe Khine (Manager for the Bagan Region): He is an authority on Baganism, Myanmar's most important city. He is a friendly person, timely and has many other qualities that make him our most trustworthy and trustworthy business associate in the area. and we have our respects to our manager of Bagan, Ko Kyaw Moe Khine.

Mr. Ko Paw Oo (Manager for the Mandalay region): Ko Paw Oo, who has been in charge of tourist affairs for more than a century, is our executive in Mandalay and the area and was one of the sage regal minister in monarchic times in Myanmar. People do not depend on the same Myanmar nation without being aware of its know-how, experience and allegiance.

As one of our agent he went to for the family tour said: "He always smiles" and that makes Ko Paw Oo our most dependable tourist cooperation partners. Wellcome to Myanmar! Come with us to Myanmar!

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