Burma top 10

Myanmar Top 10

Schedule your trip to the following top 10 Burma tourist attractions! 10: Shwemawdaw Paya 9: Ayeyarwady River Cruise 8: Here are the top 10 Myanmar foods to try when travelling in this fascinating country. Last updated May 10, 2018. Trip.com illuminates the best restaurants in Myanmar/Burma.

10 most important activities in Myanmar/Burma

Myanmar was another land that immediately took effect. After landing in Yangon, we immediately went on a voyage of discovery. It is difficult for us to visit a place again because there are so many different places to see, but we would like to return to Myanmar. Here are our top 10 activities in Myanmar, we are hoping this will help you on your trip through this one-of-a-kind state.

It is not the most beautiful town in the whole wide globe, but what it needs is what it is. A walk through the roads of Yangon will bring you some amazing places of interest! Frequent followers of this blogs will know that we enjoy rail journeys and the ride on the Myanmar trains has not diminished our excitement, although sometimes it was more like a ride than a ride!

We' ve made three rail rides in Myanmar: The Yangon - Golden Rock, Yangon - Bagan and the Yangon Circle Line. The Yangon Circle Line is recommended if you do not want to make a long trip. It will take about 3 hrs and includes 39 wards. It is a great way to see Yangon live as the trip winds its way through the nearby satellites.

Don't be amazed if your car is full of fruits and veggies while the car is driving through many market places. Astonishingly, 150,000 rail fares are on sale every day. In Yangon, tea shops are omnipresent and we suggest a trip as it is a great time. As if half the people of Yangon were waiting for tea and pastries.

We' ll be frank and acknowledge that we've never even known about the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda before we arrived in Myanmar. There is a precarious location on a block of rocks that seems to defy the force of gravitation. According to tradition, the stone is on a wisp of Buddha's head, which is why it does not drop. Although Ngapali is the most crowded in Myanmar, it still has a relaxed atmosphere in a fishingbat.

It is one of the most amazing places we have ever been to. It is an old town in the Mandalay area. Myanmar's second most sought after Bagan. The second biggest freshwater pond in Myanmar, Shan State. Accommodation is available either in lakeside or around the lakeside hotel.

And we did both and stayed at the pond. When you spend the night on the pond, try to find a swimming resort off the highways. There' is a lot to do in the area, such as the visit of warm water sources, boating on the lakes and our favourite: biking in the surrounding area.

I think we did it near Inle Lake and had a great tim. Spend some quality leisure and leisure in Myanmar. Burma is a portraiture photographer's fantasy. During the Yangon Round Line ride we even had a lady who told her man to dress up for the snap!

Burma is a unique and fast-changing land. See more pictures from Myanmar:

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