Burma to Thailand by Road

Myanmar overland to Thailand

On the Internet, many will have noticed viral contributions about the so-called India-Myanmar-Thailand overland motorway, which is opening up to commuters this year. Torun Tree - Crossing from Myanmar / Burma (Thailand to India)

Myanmar's frontier with India has been open for about six and a half years ( "with permits"), Myanmar itself is opening up, and the states in north-eastern India that until recently needed approvals are not (except Arunachal Pradesh). For those who want to traverse Asia, too, this must be a particularly attractive alternative, as a large part of Tibet is banned for autonomous cycling trips and the three-month Chinese VISA is supposedly becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

However, the primary cause is that Myanmar has been one of my favorites after 52 lands on my trip so far, and it is a place that demands a little know-how. I understand that about a doze of Myanmar bikers have now travelled from Thailand to India because the regulations have been loosened.

The following song supplements the council (https://www.warmshowers. org/node/56841) of these boys who cruised a few month before me. I' ve had a lot of deluge every day in the southern (it gets dryer in the north), but like in Thailand there are often a lot of dugouts at the side of the road and it's hot enough not to make you unhappy.

The majority of bikers who cross the land will be travelling with the 28-day Myanmar VISA, the section in brackets is Chin State - definitely only for those who love hurt and have a lot of free space! In 27 jours I have travelled about 2200 km - 3 free nights in Yangon, 1 free in Bagan.

If you want to cycle everything in 28 leagues, the shorter route is about 1700 km and would rule out the Chin State cycle and include the cross of Mae Sot, the nearest Yangon frontier (where you must apply for a permit to cross the Indian border).

After crossing Mae Sot / Myawaddy (there is an ATM just over the border). There is a 600 meter long ascent in Thailand, on the way from Tak to Mae Sot, on the side of Myanmar, which begins about 20 km from Mae Sot. Cars are allowed to drive across the frontier on changing dates because the road is narrow and no cars can drive in both direction.

That does not hold true for bicycles, but it is probably best to ride with the road, even if a lorry comes, you must get off the road. Other cyclists who have passed through Myanmar advised against driving Monywa to Kalewa the road is said to be very poor. At the other side, the road from Gangaw to Tamu is now cobbled and almost completely level (it is part of the ASEAN motorway system and was built with the help of India), perhaps directly westwards to Gangaw from Bagan.

I would say that if you have little to spare and want to jump over a section by bicycle, you won't miss much if you cut Thaton to Yangon and Yangon to Pyay, which are not so interesting (and more busy). Myanmar VISA is easily accessible in one working hour from Bangkok and is open for 28 working nights after crossing the Myanmar frontier (and must be used within three months).

VISA from India: It is now for one time entrance and three month and starts with the issue, not with exceeding the limit. Thoroughly verify your VISA (they put "arrive by air" on mine, which created smaller problems when I came to India). Also, it will take 8 working day and you must first register on-line.

Pick it up from Seven Diamond Travel Agency in Yangon (corner U Wizaya Road & Damazedi Road) and get 100$ for it. From a legal point of view, locals are not permitted to take in foreign nationals and obviously harsh camp sites are against the law. In order to exacerbate the problem, inns are generally not permitted to accommodate foreign nationals, only the more costly one.

In order to make things even more difficult, some Myanmar guest house operators don't want to declare this or they can let you remain, but they don't want to worry about the government's red tape and will just tell you that they are full. The number of hostels is much lower. When you are spotted, you can be pretty sure that many will come to take a look (foreigners draw a great amount of publicity to themselves in Myanmar) and someone will alarm the cops and you will be stirred, so be discreet!

It' okay if you get into someone' s house, but if you ask and they hesitate, don' t try to convince them, because they will be punished if they find out. Often, disappointed by all the regulations, I chose to present myself at the policestation at dawn and declare that the inns wouldn't let me remain, which made me theirs.

In the convent, in the policestation or in one of the inns for locals, where I was not normally permitted to stay. In Kawkareik (65 km from the Thai border) the inns seem to be available to all immigrants.

Please take a copy of your pass and VISA with you: six time. with a copy of your VISA which you will need for your postmark in Moreh. I was often asked in policing posts, roadblocks and hotel rooms for these copies and issued some. and despite rumors, there are ATM machines and the web outside Yangon.

However, when you change the dollar in Myanmar, as most folks know, the grades have to be firm and spotless. Riders are particularly angry in Myanmar, much angrier than in Thailand, and they travel on the right side of the road to make your trip a little more frightening, and the streets are often quite rough, but it's rewarding: Myanmar's locals are amazing and like to see it.

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