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This interactive map shows you our most important highlights in Myanmar (Burma), as well as route suggestions to get the most out of each region. The EU's development cooperation with Myanmar/Burma. Burmese (Myanmar) material in the British Library. The Exodus offers a wide range of adventure, activity, cycling and hiking tours to Myanmar (Burma). Hiking, trekking, cycling and small group trips.

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Burma vs. Myanmar: What's the big diff?

Myanmar and Burma are often called together, words that are used in an interchangeable way to describe what the same land is like. Myanmar's administration is known for the continuing conflict within its boundaries that dates back to the Second World War. Recently, the fights between the Rohingya in the western part of the island have forced many people to cross the Bangladesh/Great Britain frontier.

Adding the Chin and Kachin groups, one begins to see that their conflict with Burmese tribal minorities is a long one. That was about the same period when Aung San Suu Kyi began to profile herself as a leader in Burma's serenity. Respected and would continue to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, she has recently been criticised for her approach to the Rohingya war.

More than a thousand persons, among them friars and warriors, were murdered in the 8888 uprising. India, Burma's western neighbour, took a particularly tough line and opened several centres to help the refugees. Burma therefore formally renamed Myanmar, probably in the hope of distancing itself from the massacre associated with "Burma.

For years, many Chinese citizens, such as Suu Kyi, have been boycotting the use of the country's new name. Burma has been able to remain in the spotlight as its administration and army are still being charged with the repression and even massacre of several nationalities.

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