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Hike through the remote jungles and valleys of northern Burma (Myanmar) to the summit of Mt Saramati. In recent years, no other country in Asia has experienced such massive political change as Myanmar. Burma has confirmed dengue cases. Promotion of social innovation capacity in Thailand and Myanmar.

What is the discrepancy between "Myanmar" and "Burma"? How come this land has two name?

It' just like this Ottoman army chorus music: Mehter Band: However, if you mess up the term "milleti", it becomes a " Turk ", combined with the Turkish hegemony. They are a dominating nation, the Kinh/Gin nation, but they could be used to qualify as Vietnam' s population.

If you call yourself "Burma," it will be associated with the domination of the Bamar, the ethnical group emigrating from China, and speaking the Myanmar tongue. That could be the cause of years of war in Burma. However, using the notion of Myanmar, which was adjusted by the use of armed forces in 1989, means a multicultural state of the Myanma Union.

Myanmar is still a mystery.

in Burma/Myanmar: A report on site

A Seattle-based long-time partner of our attorneys (we worked together on a number of China dealings and we - Dan and Steve - saw him on our last journey to Myanmar), Robert Walsh has been living in Myanmar for the last four years where he runs a living management consultant .

He speaks flowing Mandarin and KORYO and, surprisingly, Myanmar (several dialects) after working at the US Embassy in Yangon many years ago. We have been receiving e-mail from Myanmar for some considerable amount of material and we are publishing some of them here. In 2014, it was Myanmar:

In 2013 it was Myanmar Foreign Investment. Speaking in 2013, I said that my office was "involved in a few Myanmar affairs, but to be honest, Myanmar is a tough place to do businesses, and many of the businesses that go there are larger firms that are now mostly looking for moneys.

" Our work in Myanmar has indeed declined since then, as SMEs' interest in Myanmar has declined sharply and the emphasis of their work outside China seems to be more on Thailand and Vietnam these few working hours. At the beginning of last year, in A Report from Myanmar from an old China, I spoke about how much this has shifted, largely due to the easing of penalties.

A. Massive withdrawal of international petroleum and natural-gas companies from their off-shore units. Lower natural gas costs are driving some of this, but licensing systems with the Myanmar authorities are also the other part. The predominant saying is that they will come back later, when the units are offered for sale again, and will be offering much less and making a tougher deal with the Myanmar authorities. b. Several of the plans to generate more power have been limited to sea natural gas.

These 2 ongoing facilities receive their free of charge from the Yadanar Field Governments, which have been in operation since the 1990s. However, output is declining in terms of volume and qualitiy and Thai TPP has given the first call for this. c. The goverment has given the go-ahead for businesses to make liquefied natural gas, but the only reliable one is run by TPP.

We' ve already been contacted by a group of unskilled Myanmar tenants who have put a gasturbine operation on hold for more than four years and are now saying they want to install an LPG-gasifier. They' re offer nothing more than a 60 acre package they don't seem to own yet, but want 20% equities in the thing. d. Coal is what the IFC and the world bank are pressing the goverment, but there's a lot of grass roots boostback.

Governments still subsidise the cost of energy and the consumer pays very little of the cost of it. It will not provide any PPA to a non-resident or national supplier that will cover investment and operating expenses, let alone provide a reasonable rate of yield, so that residential utilities will not be involved.

a. The general agreement is that Burma's policy reform was completed more than a year ago and is indeed in a soft relapse. However, there have been some recent problems with the Karen National Union signatures who are angry about the intervention of the Burma army in an area that has been declared taboo.

A 600-hectare park (KMIC/Korean Myanmar Industrial Center) is even run by the Ministry of Land & Housing about 100 leagues from Rangoon, together with a Korea-based privately-owned business. a. We cannot really grasp the driving force behind these farms, especially in areas where there is a general lack of streets and other infrastructures - not to mention the availability of electricity. b. An important thing to concentrate on when I am talking to engineers developing these things:

"What businesses have already registered as lessees? c. Many of the development team ignore, or even more so, -ignorant - certain facts about Myanmar worker. In the last few weeks, the federal administration adopted a monthly salary of MMK 4800 (USD $3.63), and the manufacturers complained about a strip of cyan.

Soon after Trump's blessing, ASSK was in Beijing to restore Burma's customer nationality. a. The People of China are now all over Burma, following trends that are all quite land-intensive. For its part, the Myanmar authorities are tremendously sensitive to all this because the People of China are dealing with other great infrastructural issues that no other donors are considering. c. Incidentally, the present Myanmar authorities are still not issuing public credit.

Many ADB and other SWFs have lent to privately owned companies such as Yoma/FMI. d. And of course the Chinese are in no way prone to criticize the HR in Burma. e. I was involved in a four-month Magway Department operation last past summers, and a group of Sinopec men were on land all over Burma's offshore field to do seasonal work.

The Burmese, however, do not seem to comprehend how to stimulate investments because they are so tied to their pals; they will not allow investments that could give a non-Burmese business an edge over the local ones. a. The only exemption from the rules I can see is telecommunications, with Ooredoo and Telenor receiving licences in early 2014.

However, these two firms were confused when the Japan-based KDDI/Sumitomo entered and worked with the old MPT administration to revive what should have been a failed rival. More recently, the VietTel army of Vietnam has joined forces with the UMEHL army of Burma to become a fourth rival, MYTel/MecTel. b. Some industries, such as coal and steel, still demand that international corporations accept small value added domestic affiliates.

Strangely, the areas where there are totally equal free markets conditions provided by the administration to the various ethnically based arms groups, e.g. DKBA, KNU and the UWSA territories (as mentioned above). d. For some time now, the US has been on the DICA's public caaaay.

The Directorate of Investment and Corporate Administration is here if you can get his website up and running. e. was the 2017 IG Review on AmEmbassy Rangoon. There are now about 127 US entrants directly allocated to the Ambassador, and another 388 or so as home-coach.

It is this very figure that makes the Burmese government the largest US actor in the economy. When everything that USAID and its contractor spend on offices is billed, we could speak of $100 million/year just to maintain the expatriates' lives. Of course, USAID's counterparties are recalculating all these overheads, which are likely to be subtracted from what has been provided for the Burmese assistance.

This explains why I don't see much proof that USAID is doing something in the areas of Burma where I work and know best. It is puzzling that the IG points out that 5 persons in the message are producing 5 different locally produced daily pressreviews. At the beginning of their working days, I suspect that non-national civil servants no longer study in the national languages.

Although we have an US Chamber of Commerce here, most members are on-the-ground. However, the US commitment to Burma's business is waaaaaaaaaay on the agenda, as the Myanmar Investment Committee's statistics show. None of the two brands punches exactly above their own weights against used Toyota goods and the offers from Korea.

Almost 2 million vehicles have entered the streets since the last official document. It is now wise for the authorities to require that vehicles be under 2 years old and left-hand driven (the vast majority of vehicles are pre-owned in Japan under 7 years and right-hand drive). I purchased the very first Suzuki Super Carry Kei Pickup from tape.

Japan skilfully used the way-back bike to integrate the 1960s designs and technologies that are dirty, easy and suitable for Burma's rural world. $ 5700 supplied with Rangoon signs, vise three times as much as for a used lorry from Japan. c. In the poles in which I work, US agricultural equipment makers have once again bolted the dog by not having sent an "A-Team"; they would rather find a retailer and half-heartedly assist him.

Elder ly peasants in Burma have a nostalgic feeling for Ford and John Deere tractor, and now and then I walk across the bone of one of those tractor in remote places. As in China, we have KFC and Pizza Hut licensed from YUM! by Serge Pun's FMI/Yoma.

While both are well-loved, they are in tough rivalry with lotteries and other entrenched domestic and international labels. The FMI/Yoma has for a while passed to sort the entire delivery line, because YUM! actually has standard for what goes into their aliment. It was one of Burma's largest promoters and bore a great deal of moisture when it came to sanctioning.

Like always, if you should find yourself in Burma, I would like to help you.

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