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I' d like to see Myanmar's beautiful sandy areas with my 20-year-old girl and my spouse-- We' ll take a rail from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi to see the places there. Will there be a platoon to take us to the frontier? So if so, what do I do next and what is the nearest best one?

Do you have the possibility to rent a personal chauffeur at the Myanmar frontier, or is it best to take the coach? 5- 2 in Myanmar. We may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any posted contribution for any cause.

There' s no way to the frontier, you either have to take a coach (not many) or a minibus to the frontier. But Maungmakan is probably the next proper place to go. Moungmakan is 18 km from the centre of Dawei, which is about 4-5 hrs by cab from the boarder, and there are a few really beautiful seaside resort properties and kilometres of empty beaches.

From 01/09/2016 we are happy to inform you that eVisas can be used for entry to Myanmar from the following three crossing points between Myanmar and Thailand: Please be aware that evissa is NOT applicable to this checkpoint, you must apply for a visas in your pass before going to the checkpoint, preferably in Bangkok.

And what is the name of the checkpoint I will cross from Kanchanaburi? The secluded frontier passage allows entry between Phunaron (Phu Nam Ron) (Thailand - next city Kanchanaburi) and Htee Kee (Myanmar, Tanintharyi Division - next city Dawei). From Kanchanaburi there are four daily busses to the small frontier city Phunaron (70 Baht), which has a guesthouse.

Thai and Myanmar borders are divided by six kilometers of no man's country, which can only be traversed by car (walking is not allowed); you can take a motorcycle taxicab (about 100 baht) or try to hitch-hike. On the Myanmar side of the frontier it will take 4 to 5 hrs to get to Dawei.

" There are much more beautiful sands around Dawei than Maungaman Beach", I have grandpa sands, dawei, at google, I like to google, I love to google. for me a good one has to have many big flowers and a good shade, otherwise it is just a deserts on the sea. obviously everyone is looking for a different "perfect" one.

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