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Burma Times Myanmar Times Myanmar News Nepal: The Nepali Times Nepal News South Korea: Myanmar Times Daily News Rohingya News, culture, documentary, religious, educational and empowerment programs. The media can only report news approved by the government. There are at least four Burmese and two English daily newspapers in circulation.

Now at last! Myanmar Times leaves daily at last.

The Myanmar Times, a daily paper published in Burma and England, was published almost two years after the first outing. Characterizing a front-bar issue of Smooth, New-Look Pub, 32 pages of news, commerce, opinions and lifestyles, was on Monday mornings shows. There were a number of pilots last weekend.

A salesman on Merchant Street said early Monday mornings, pointing to the daily, which cost 500 Kyat or about 0.50 dollars. Myanmar Times initially planned to release its daily issue in May 2013, when a flood of articles, such as the now non-existent Freedom Daily, came onto the open air, but domestic controversy brought the plans to a standstill.

Dunkley, the newspaper's 2000 founding member of the Australia press together with Burma's U Myat ('Sonny') Swe, was charged with attacking the son-in-law of his then-merchant Tin Tun Oo. This can be found here in an "exclusive" Q&A that has been released in....the Myanmar Times. However, the following few month saw profound changes: The Myanmar Golden Star proprietor, U Thein Tun, took over the country's leadership in February 2014, according to the newspaper.

Inquiries for comments from the Times were not answered immediately.

Global consciousness needed to end Myanmar's horrors

Some 655,000 refugees have been in Bangladesh to escape the horrors of Myanmar: burnt houses, devastated towns, families who have been killed before a child (and a child before a parent), systemic rapes of wives and daughters. It follows the refusal for many years to grant fundamental humanitarian protection to those whose forefathers - mostly Muslims and Hindus - have been living in the Rakhine (Arakan) state of mostly Buddhist Myanmar for centururies.

The irony is that the vast majority of Myanmar's Buddhist people are now headed by Aung Sun Suu Kyi, a civil political leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who has been successfully released from years of international domestic detention - apparently only for Myanmar's ruling Myanmar army, to persecute minorities without hindrance.

While there are a number of different beliefs between most of Burma and the oppressed Rohingya, all faiths everywhere forbid force against civil and guilty persons, especially Buddhism. Horrifyingly, however, gruesome nationals use the imprint of the Buddha istism - a faith that invites its adherents to the highest degree of sympathy with all feeling beings - to separate humans from each other, to call some less than humans and to foment untold cruelty.

Dr. Wakar Uddin, General Manager of the Arakan Rohingya Union, together with his woman Sarah Naeem, will talk about the human catastrophe faced by this profoundly afflicted nation at 14:00 20 January at the St. Paul UMC Education Building, 250 East College Ave.

Come to listen to and appreciate the urgent need for global consciousness and exertion of compassion on the consciences of the good of Myanmar's good men to put an end to this atrocity.

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