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Explore the best activities in Myanmar (Burma), including Shwedagon Paya, Mandalay Hill, Bagaya Kyaung. Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma) Bagan. Inwawa, Myanmar Inwa. Mingun Pagoda and Bell. You can find Ya Kun toast there, you know?


Enjoy your stay in the old tea houses, small towns and small towns and get to know some of the most lovable folk in the whole wide range. During March, the temperature can jump from peaks of around 28 degrees Celsius in the centre of Burma to over 40 degrees Celsius, with paralyzing damp. Attempt to plan a full moon holiday, as this is a favorite season for processions and celebrations in convents.

Prevent the Maya Thingyan Water Festival (13-16 April 2015) when many companies are closing, sometimes for ten whole-day. Using a souvenir shop can help make things easier. Tips and driver at the end of the trip. MYANEMAR ( "Lonely Planet"), released in July 2014, is still the best practice guideline.


Myanmar has 40 interesting activities you didn't know about

Although it is a large nation, little is known about Myanmar. When I was in Singapore asking what everyone thought about Myanmar, I always got "backwards" as an answer. Well, that's not the case. While eating is a major part of Burma's lives, Myanmar is also home to seas, hills, waterfalls, marketplaces and couples.

Yes, there is more to do in Myanmar than just to feed. In a nutshell, Myanmar has been teaching me more about the realm than my A-level geography text book has ever known. Though Myanmar is currently in monsoon time, there was still much to do. Only things I forgot to see were a dolphin in the Ayerwaddy River and getting on a warm aeroplane, but I don't complain.

That' 41 things I've done in order of preferences, and so should you: Superstitious is all over Myanmar. You know, if you've ever traveled in Myanmar, it's quite exhausting to move around. Aqua Lillies is very recommendable in Inle, the most quiet place I have ever been to in Myanmar.

Bongyi is a sarong-like scarf worn by Myanmar mothers. Various towns have their own variation, so don't be shy to try every single day you go to another one. Myanmar's early bird fairs are astonishing. I loved the Nyaungshwe, Myanmar Shan State, where Myanmar's second biggest one is: the Mt: the lake:

lnle lake. Burma has its own variation of it. I' ve never found cheap beers as cheap as in Myanmar (also cocktails!). and Mandalay beers. I' d rather have Mandalay beers. Myanmar's overnight market is spectacular, especially in Yangon. Myanmar teashops are like mom stores in Malaysia.

You will find many of them side by side and lines of sculptural chairs and desks flock into the Myanmar street, just like the soccer seasons in Malaysia's momstores. Samosas, du samosas, du tiao in Myanmar (Myanmar has its own du kiao! They call it kar kway), sandwiches..... everything you like, really.

Mandalay, although many visitors like to take the three old towns routes, I would have preferred to concentrate on a few places if I could do it again. These are some of the high points of my journey to Mandalay. Mandalay is the last king's residence of the last Myanmar Empire.

Among all the other antique towns I liked Mrauk U the best. You can also see Myanmar's powerful Ayerwaddy Rivers - the most celebrated Myanmar rivers known as the spine of Myanmar. Since I have been living in towns, this was an unforgettable time.

Those memorabilia are really nice too (some are very cheap, yay!), so if you need to buy everything for your beloved ones, here's a great stop. There' s no negotiation, which shows this place is quite legal. The Mandalay hills are 240m above sealevel. At the top of the mound is the Sutaungpyei Pagoda, where you can see all of Mandalay from above.

It is really beautiful and deserving of a look. Mandalay has, like Yangon, also a very good eating area. You can find these little bits all over Myanmar, but after trying them out in different towns, I think Mandalay does it best. Mandalay Nightsquare on 31 st is a must.

The U Bein Bridge extends from one end of Lake Taungthaman to the other. Long ago, Myanmar was a hotbed for intelligentsia. Apart from the road meal, the places around Mandalay are also quite good. Myanmar is particularly suitable for gold leaf rice. For me it' s a pleasure to hunt cascades, and when I found out that there was a cascade in Mandalay, I was more than thrilled to go there, no matter how long the itinerary.

lnle Lake is a fresh water pond. This is Myanmar's second biggest pond and contains a number of endemics. The Inle is also the ideal place to unwind and soothe. You can only bypass the Inle-See by ferry. Luckily Inle Princess organized the cruise for us and we had a great time trying out some of the activities around the village in Inle Lake.

Around the pond you will see signposts showing you which way to go to which town. Burma is home to over 500 birds and I was fortunate enough to see a Kingfisher. The Inle is the ideal place for birdwatchers. In Inle Princess' twin resort, Inle Heritage, you will find a small tank that is well deserved to be visited.

lnle brine is a great place for angling. They can watch the fisherman during their days at the lakeside. In Inle, the fishers use conic netting (saung) and harpoon while they row with one foot. However, in the mornings there may be some uncomfortable views of electrofishing that are detrimental to the well-being of the area.

The Inle Heritage is an active participant in electrofishing and its small tank offers a great deal of information on the subject. In Myanmar, thankfully, it is very much appreciated. It is a class led by a local community living in Pindaya, a city in the state of Shaan near Lake Inle, and it was my favorite one.

The fibres used in our papers are sycamore. There is a small town at Inle See that specializes in the production of lotuses. You can only find the batch in the pond itself. There is also thought that by carrying something from the Lotus, the Lotus can help to help absorbe evil things from our body and make us happy.

The inle brine is not only suitable for transport, raffia and fish, but also for growing fruits and vegetables. Peasants collect weeds from the pond and make these swimming bedding moored with trellis-bars. In the Inle Sea the waters are full of nutritious substances, so that the garden blooms very light. Burma has been around Myanmar for over 1000 years.

In 2008, Inle Heritage re-introduced Burma kittens to Myanmar in collaboration with the China Exploration & Research Society. Inle Heritage treats the cat very well. The breakfast of Inle Princess was also the high point of my sojourn at Inle Lake. It' really crunchy on the sides and goes very well with the fresh purées from Inle Princess.

Noodles are Inle's delicacy. The Inle Princess is situated on a bay near the Blue Mountains in the south of Swan State. Inle Princess also offers a small gift for them. The Inle Heritage is the affiliated of Inle Princess and is situated in the midst of the lakes.

In Bagan we were dryer and warmer than the places we had been in Myanmar before. In 1044, King Anawrahta united Myanmar in Bagan. There was a very thrilling game in the area when the competition became quite high! We stumbled upon a wonderful sea while we explored the towns, a wonderful stop for pits to relax before we continue our trip.

Famous for its mystic Pagoda, no journey to Myanmar is without a visit to the Sule Pagoda and the Shwendagon Pagoda. It' s 48 metres high and was used by the British in the 1880s as the core of their raster map for Burma. Of all the towns where I was in Myanmar, Yangon had the best praatas, or as they say in Malaysia, red-canais.

You will see how humans move up and down in the car, sell things and also encounter all sorts of humans getting on and off the cab. Business professionals, full marketers.... it's one of those things that will allow you to see Myanmar for what it really is.

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