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Activities in Myanmar. Burma's classic image is one of gold-plated cones rising from the mist and extending into the haze of the horizon. Drive through the "Road to Mandalay" workshops. Stuff you should never wear on an AirplaneTheList.com.

The Ngapali Beach is your chance to take a break from the big cities but immerse yourself in the culture of Myanmar (Burma).

Burma's classical image is one of gold-plated pegs protruding from the fog and extending into the mists of the mists.

Burma's classical image is one of gold-plated pegs protruding from the fog and extending into the mists of the mists. As soon as you are in Burma, you don't need to go far to take your own similar snapshot. The' Land of the Gold Towers' is full of palagodas, shrines and stupas â conic or burial-like constructions full of relicts, gems and sacrifices for Buddha.

Yangonâs Shwedagon is the most iconical and holy land; the 99m high body contains eight wisps of Gautama â the historic Buddha. Guests from all over Burma are donating golden to complete the picture. Take your FJs with you â the waterways are fresh and chilly at noon.

Burmaâ? "s insulation has promoted self-sufficiency â and this has spread far beyond a meal and in terms of bio-fuels. Here there is a handicraft for everyone â from roll cigars and woven silks to silversmiths and green-goldpresses. Lotuses are one of the more uncommon handicrafts â often from the Kayan wives, many of whom still wearing brassy thimbles.

They are dyed - often with nature colours - and weaved onto hand-made wood weaving machines. The support of the craftsmen is encouraging the continuation of tradition â and providing revenue for municipalities with few alternative options, which means that this is one of the best things to do in Burma.

Activities in Mandalay

The Mandalay is Myanmar's second biggest town and the most important for trade. There is plenty to see here to enjoy a few nights on the way northerly or while you wait to get on a full-time, full length trip to Bagan on a small boats. Those who enjoy the scenery should drive up Mandalay Hill to take a look at the town.

While you can reach the summit by car, you can also earn merits by walking up this 240 meter high mound as you walk past Buddha paintings, florists and owl sculptures. Directly south-east of Mandalay Mountain is the Sanda Mani Cave. In the interior is the biggest Buddha of steel, over 18.

Buddha pictures that came here because of wars and the different capitals through different former houses. Here once was King Mindon's temporary residence, and the pit was his monument to a younger half-brother. Near the Mandalay Hill, this is also named after its large Buddha picture, a large sculpture made of marmor.

Around him are 80hrines for the 80 Great Disciples of Buddha. It is made of one block of stone and comes from 20 km from Mandalay. Formerly part of the king's palace, this wonderfully sculpted tea tree has to. This is one of the few pristine Mandalay preserved structures, but it is not in its pristine state.

In 1880 it was built as a Buddhistic cloister. It may seem like a coupe, but it's actually a work. Located on a south-west Mandalay to Mandalay Strait, this is one of the most important Burmese maritime platforms.

Inside is a Buddha picture, which is thought to be one of only five created during the life of Siddhartha Gautama on this planet. The 6th 5-ton bronce Buddha is sitting in the middle of the ensemble and the dependable procession behind using the square of gold foil as they walk.

This street is just outside Mandalay and is bordered by garages where woodcarvers carving and polishing Buddha pictures with electric appliances and grit. When you have ever asked yourself where the wealth of golden foliage that sticks to holy Buddha pictures and the like comes from, then that is your response.

In Amarpura, a city to the north of Mandalay, this 1.2 km long wooden deck, which has been called after the burgomaster who constructed it, is the longest one in the whole wide area. Also see Bob James' Take on Travels to U Bein bridge and Jodi in Legal Nomads' U Bein bridge photographic essays. The Pondaw Pagoda is a small structure with small sculptures looking onto the Ayeyarwady River.

Aside from being in a tranquil city in Myanmar, the major draw is to see a never-ending coupé. You can see today a solid tile structure with large serrated fissures from the seismic events of that time. Close to the incomplete sidepagoda is the Hsinphyumae sidepagoda, a bright round step shaped sidepagoda made in 1816 in remembrance of a late prissi.

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