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Trip.com illuminates the best activities in Bagan, Myanmar/Burma. Explore Bamaw, Ayeyarwady, Burma with the help of your friends. When you travel in Myanmar (Burma), you will come across other ways of life or habits that are completely different from yours. Burma has so many things to recommend as a fantastic holiday destination with something for everyone - culture, scenery and adventure.

It' also a pretty spectacular place to do a few things.

Activities in Burma

Drive to Lake Inle through the village and the surrounding countryside, farmlands and picturesque rolling countryside on the street before a brief ride with the long cock begins..... Whilst Myanmar is without a doubt a tourist resort for those who want to discover the country's cultural, historical, natural and architectural heritage, it is also..... Scuba diver can rent one of our GoPros.

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Best activities in Myeik Myanmar

The Myeik area is 7,783 sq. m. in the Tanintharyi Division in southernmost Myanmar. It is a secluded and tranquil town, while its islands are untouched and scenic. Why are you crossing Myeik Arcipelago? View the main activities in Myeik with the top tour operator Myanmars!

M Myeik has several hundred isles where you can demonstrate your skills in the area of nautical activity, from snorkelling to bathing. There are also great scuba dive and fish aquatics as Myeik's marine life is very thrilling. Myeik in Myanmar is an island of wild, thick forests and a breathtaking valleys, giving you the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful and unforgettable hike.

Walking in Myeik is a sweaty adventure, but it is pleasant and full of beautiful things. There is no question that Myeik is perfect for canoeing throughout the year. There are many archipelagos to make the scenic surroundings, but not all of them are itinerant. If you are travelling to Myeik, you should definitely enter the Lampi, Frost, Nyaung Wee, Phi Lar and Myauk Ni isles.

First, Lampi has Burma's first naval reserve, established in 1995 for the historic site. It is also a paradise for divers and kayakers with its rich diversity of species, genuine reindeer life and luxuriant mangrove life. Next, Frost Iceland (or 115 Iceland) is where you can find urchin and tropic fishwatch.

Whilst Nyaung Wee is something unique with the Moken community (the gypsy seaside resorts that are expert free divers), Phi Lar Island is known for its empty and palm-fringed sands. Reaching this enchanting group of islands in December-February, you will be able to experience the wintry atmosphere in which the wonderful landscapes are covered with the whitewashed sands.

It gets quite chilly at nights with the steady winds and tranquil seas, so this is the best season to come to Myeik. Meik has never let down a visitor who travel because of the island's beautiful nature and people. When you have the opportunity to travel to Myanmar, make it your business to set out for Myeik and then try the top 5 sights.

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