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Top 7 Activities in Inle Lake, Burma |

Lake Inle is a naturally interesting place in Burma that has received much praise for its beaut. It is calm, enchanting and beautiful, especially at dawn and dusk. To help you enjoy this high point, try out the 9 most important things you can do in Inle Lake before organizing an individual trip through a dedicated Burma travel agency.

This lake is sincere, spellbinding and complimentary for the whole year. Lake Inle, with a length of 22 km, is very large and scenically very attractive. So the more detail you see, the more you will fell in love with this jewel of nature. Whilst some travellers appreciate the swimming towns and garages, others are interested in the landscapes in which the fisherman plays the leading role.

Home to the city' s unmatched Beinwuchstil, Inle Lake will impress you. Indeed, the picture of the Intha fishers is linked to the enchanting beauties of the lake. It is interesting to know that Inle Lake in Burma is hosting the Legs Rower's Race at the Inlay Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival (in September or October).

There are several swimming pools on the pond full of various types of vegetable. Swimming areas are open to the public, so take the opportunity to discover the interior and interactively engage the growers. The Padaung is known as the long-necked queen strain, one of the oldest in Burma.

Woman keep the tradition to weave the necklace from 5 years to keep their necklace as a symbol of beautiful. Your journey to Inle Lake should therefore contain a few minutes to get to know this group. Situated on the eastern shore of the lake, Mine Thauk Market allows you to meet some mountain people and travellers from around the world.

Maybe you'd like to see them later when you want to recall the precious Lake Inle memorial. It has a charming setting with swimming timber buildings where you can relax and listen to the music. The romanticism, the candle light, the beautiful floral, the soft colour of the walls and the calm ambience encourages you to make the words of the hear.

Of course, Inle Lake in Burma goes beyond your expectations of a stunning lake!

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