Burma Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam

Myanmar Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam

Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Cambodia (and you should also consider Myanmar), and Ma. Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and East Timor. View the best of all of Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Experience the best of Indochina on a tour linking Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia with temples, ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes and charismatic cities.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Myanmar (Burma) Trip Details

Indochina is such a beautiful area that it is difficult to know where to start. Small group trips take you to the high points of this varied part of the globe, from Vietnam's paddy fields to the vertiginous power of Bangkok.

This slide show shows some of the amazing attractions that await you when you visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Thailand. Mekong Delta - known as Vietnam's "rice bowl" - is the place to see it all. Villages here are as they have been for hundreds of years, a way of living characterized by swimming market, fishers and peasants working the paddy fields.

The area is in charge of about half of Vietnam's entire agricultural sector. Sapa is a small quaint mining village in the heart of a mountainous area. It is bordered by terraced paddy paddies encircled by a magnificent moutain. It is the ideal starting point for hiking in the hills, but also for an insight into the life of the mountaineers of the ethnic minorities who call this their home.

It is one of the most spectacular coves in the whole wide open space, with over 2,000 islets and many caverns. There is no need to be interested in archeology to explore the breathtaking Temple of Angkor. It is one of the most spectacular sites in South-East Asia, with monuments built between the ninth and fifteenth century.

The Mekong River shores offer the ideal backdrop for an impressive evening meal at noon. Well-known for its vibrant nocturnal life, Bangkok is just as interesting byday as you could take a tuk-tuk trip through the Old Town to see places of interest such as the Grand Palace and the Golden Mountain.

It is much less congested than Cambodia's Angkor, but just as impressing.

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