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Both Myanmar and Thailand are referred to as the above countries. The relations between Burma and Thailand refer to the current and historical relations between Burma and Thailand. There is an embassy in Bangkok. Discover Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake in Burma before flying to Thailand to enjoy the sun from the luxury of your own villa in Six Senses Koh Samui. The Thailand tour offers experiences selected by Audley's Thailand specialists to inspire ideas for a tailor-made holiday.

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The top 10 of our top 10 Myanmar (Burma) & Thailand attractions. - we' reduced our favorite lights to only 10. Sukhothai ( "Dawn of Happiness") is the best of Thailand's many temples. Walk through the nearby hills for stunning vistas, unwind on the land of money and eat in one of the many traditional Lanna cuisines.

Better still, take a hot air tour (45 minutes per ride) and see this amazing view from above or discover it by bike. Cruise to the swimming towns and studios of the photoogenic shores of Inle. The flat water is surf, interrupted by buildings that rise on pillars.

You will find a young vineyard and some of the many ethnical minority of the country like the Pa-O a few minutes away from the lakes. The Burmese temple of Shwedagon is said to have been in existence for over 2,500 years and is a shining golden pit in the center of Yangon. Myanmar is home to at least 14 minority tribes and Thailand is world-famous for its always welcoming and fun-loving people.

Thailand and Burma cooking is delicious, full -bodied and full of spices. Burma is known for its tealeaf lettuce and pasta-soup. How would you rate our shortlist of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) highpoints?

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In the northwest of the Malaysia Penninsula, Thailand's leading holiday destination is located. It is often frequented by voyages that may involve Burma, Sri Lanka and India. Burma lies just off the coast of Thailand with its capitol Yangon (formerly Rangoon), which is now easy to reach by plane and overland. In our extensive section on Burma cruising you will find information on how to explore the Irrawaddy and its attractions.

We offer all our Burma and Thailand tours below. Incl. led outings. 2011 - Dec 2019 - Jan, Feb, Mar Save 20%! 2011 - Dec 2019 - Jan, Feb Save 20%! Including UK returns, 1 night at Yangon hotels, 2 nights at Inle Lake, escorted tours and sea transportation.

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Cross the top Mekong through the Laos hills and woods on this 12-night flight. Including visit to the Lao capitol Vientiane, two overnight stays in the historical Luang Prabang and the Golden Triangle of Laos, Burma and Thailand. UK travel, transfer, excursions as well as boat trip and boat trip expenses including 2018 - Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr Exclusive Blue Water Package without extra charge for individual rooms on select itineraries!

Include UK returns and ground trips 2018 - Sep GBP saving PLUS tips including! Discover Burma, a stunning country unspoiled for a whole generations of travelers, on this luxurious Princess Panhwar boat on the powerful Irrawaddy from Yangon to Mandalay. Join the natives, dive into the Indochina civilization and discover swimming market and holy temple on this great Thailand to Cambodia, Vietnam and China cross.

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Including UK returns, 3 nights at Mandalay hotels, escorted tours and ocean transfer Exclusive Blue Water packages with no extra charge for individual rooms on select outings! The Laem Chabang is Thailand's most important submarine harbour and the major entrance point for Bangkokers. Several cruise ships are offering trips to Amarapura, home of the U Bein Break, the longest teen chain link in the word.

Thailand's last unspoilt rainforest is in Khao Phra National Park.

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