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View more ideas about beautiful places, destinations and Burma Myanmar. You will find the perfect Burmese temple stock photos and editorial news images from Getty Images. Bagan Myanmar Temple Pagoda Burma Asia Bri. The forms could be described as pagoda and temple. It would be easy for me to spend a week in Bagan, cycling and exploring the temples.

Bagan Temple 10 Must See

Featuring about 4000 coupons that you can see within a 20 mile radius of the Bagan archeological site, how do you choose which ones are worth a trip? We went from our hotels with a card and a blueprint after the balloon ride over Bagan and the observation of some of the coupons we wanted to see.

So, we assorted our 1000s of pictures we took and compiled our 10 Must See Bagan Temples that we found most interesting. This are the Sein Nyet Nurse Temples, with the older Nurse Sein Nyet Ama, build in the 12. ct. His Nyet Ama is a typically quadratic sanctuary with four entries.

His younger sisters are Nyet Nyima. The Shwe-sandaw Pagoda is very congested at dawn because it is a great place to enjoy the views over the area. It is said to be one of the first coup d'├ętat constructed by Anawrahta, the founder of the Myanmar people. It was constructed in 1057.

It is located outside the ramparts and, together with four other holdfasts, provides Bagan with shelter. Thatbyinnyu, erected in 1144, is 61 metres high and the highest of the Bagan Sights. It borders on the much more busy Ananda-Tempel, so that we had to investigate the template for ourselves.

The 1091 Ananda Sanctuary was completely renovated after an Earthquake in 1975. In 1990, the towers were gilded to mark the occasion of the shrine's centenary. To enter the sanctuary is like to enter Disney World. Situated in a good position for unloading the buses (what happens or the only means of transport in Bagan is riding a car, riding a bicycle?) and there is also a fair.

After all this has been avoided, the inner court is an exceptionally quiet place to marvel at the outside of the shrine. There are four Buddhas in the Ananda temples, each decorated with a certain kind of nirvana state. Gotama points to the western side, Kakusandha to the northern side, Konagamana (the fifth of the seven old Buddhas) to the eastern side and Kassapa to the southern side, as shown above from l.h. to the right.

One enters the Sulamani Sanctuary of Bricks through a gate and it is like walking to the doorway and into another avenue. It is one of the most frequented temples, as well as another favourite of the merchants. There are frescos in the temples, although all but those in the southern part were heavily destroyed because they were exposed to the element.

The arched apertures make the filtration of sunlight in this sanctuary very beautiful. Queen Tambula constructed the sanctuary in 1255. In contrast to many of the one-storey temples, the temples are indeed very well illuminated and one can see the influence of China in the Buddhas and mural paintings. Daammayangyi was constructed by the bullying king Narathu during his three-year rule.

Viewed from afar, the shrine looks like an ancient Egypt spire and is the most solid in Bagan. Natives are referring to the cursed sanctuary and think that he is being plagued by the sin of unscrupulous King Narathu, who murdered his own family.

It is also home to the unique Buddha statue. Gawdaw Palin Monastery was erected in 1175 by King Narapatisithu. The Pyathatgyi is the last great building of the Bagan family, so it is a good place to end the days with a tour of the temples and enjoy the unbelievable sundown.

More about the Bagan sundown. They must have an identity card for the Bagan Archaeological Zone. Located in the immediate vicinity of the archaeological zone of Bagan and the restaurant.

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