Burma Temperature

Burmese Temperature

andalay Myanmar temperature: andalay Myanmar temperature. The capital of Chin State in Burma. Altitude and distance from the sea also influence the temperature. To view average temperatures and precipitation charts for some of the major centers in Myanmar, click here. Yangon, Burma's annual climate with high and low temperatures and rainfall averages on a monthly and annual basis.

Burmese climate: When to go to Myanmar?

Myanmar has a kind of tropic moon clima, the four seasonal variations vary according to the monsoons and can be represented in three different saison. From May to October there is the rain and wet period with mean temperature between 30°C and 25°C. November to February are the best periods for travelling, in fact they are the cold and arid period of the year with mean temperature between 20°C and 24°C. The weather is very cold.

During the two remainder of March and April the temperature is always arid, but it is the warmest period of the year, with an averages temperature between 30°C and 35°C in these heats. Mean precipitation per year differs widely between different parts of the nation, for example in the Rangoon River area, about 2,500 mm of precipitation per year (Rangoon 2,700 mm), while mean precipitation per year in central Burma's arid area is less than 1,000 mm (840 mm Mandalay).

Coastlines of the Land are receiving the highest amount of precipitation with an anual mean of more than 5,000 mm. During the relatively cold period between November and February, the relatively cold and cold seasons are the best for a visit to Burma.

Burma's climate: Temperature, Climograph, Climate for Burma

Myanmar has a subtropical atmosphere. It rains much less in Burma in winters than in summers. Burma has an avarage yearly temperature of 25.2°C. Averages 1079 mm of rain per year. January is the dryest months with 0 mm rain. Most of the fallout is in August, averaging 279 mm.

May is the hottest of the year with an annual mean temperature of 29.4ºC. In January, the year' s minimum mean temperature is reached. Rainfall is 279 mm between the dryest and wetest months. Throughout the year, mean temperature fluctuates by 6.8ºC.

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