Burma Superstar Takeout

Myanmar Superstar Takeout

Request delivery or collection of Burma Superstar. While we were living in the SF Bay area, Burma Superstar was our favorite Friday night meal. While we were living in the SF Bay area, Burma Superstar was our favorite Friday night meal. Kerb Takeout is handy if you want to skip the line and take home your food.

Awesome to go - Review of the Burma Superstar Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

So we visited my sis and she suggested Burma superstar for supper. They are so full and occupied that we could not have eaten there with our group of six, but it was great to go. All we had was great and we all had our favorites (tea lettuce, walnut prawns, pumpkin pig casserole, peppermint chickens and curry eggplant).

Dinner took longer than expected, but it was rewarding to be there. I thought the lettuce was a bit too much, but that doesn't mean it was awful. Highpoints were the Minzhuhn and the Myanmarl. We' re informed that the waiting would be long and they didn't take bookings.

There we arrived at 8 o'clock on a Sunday evening and we were informed that the waiting time was 1h45min. and they took our number and said they would call. But when we got the dinner, it was tasty. And I had the cockerel, which was very good and hot.

It was a little ludicrous to sit around. We' ve had a short waiting time to get in here, definitely suggest you call in advance to book a dinner, which I think they'll let you do if they're less occupied. So I got the hot and tasty chickens and the tealeaf lettuce was great too.

These were my favourite lettuces, very special combination of alliances. Tofu wasn't my favourite, but the poultry and pasta were fantastic. Have you been to the Burma Superstar Restaurant?

Burmese Superstar's Coconut Curry Chicken

Exactly what we need, another "better than take-away" prescription.... but there is no better way to describe this simple, subtile coconut-curry-dooster. It' really better than any takeout I've ever had, and let's just say I've had a great deal of takeout. Myanmar cuisine is the best meal you've probably never eaten - unless you are living in San Francisco, where Burma Superstar is the place to take all your urban visitors to show how secular you are.

Like Thai, China and India foods have babies, crowds of them line up to get some of this flavor. However, I'm not waiting about this 2 hours, and use Burma Superstar's stunning cooking book as the ultimative line edit. It' s full of easy, tasty dishes (more will follow), but one of the first I tried was Coconut Curry Chicken.

As a result, the result is baked curries in restaurants without the 2-hour line. Made from easily found and tasty raw materials, this is really better than take-away. A recipe from the Burma Superstar Cooks. Eliminate surplus grease from the hen and slice into bite-sized chunks. While you are preparing everything else (or overnight), stir and marinade the chickens with peppers, curcuma and topping.

Warm the sauerkraut in a large pan over moderate to high temperature. Fry the bulbs for a few moments to boil a little. Reduce the temperature to moderate and mix in lemon and clove. Keep stirring to avoid combustion until it is scented and slightly boiled (this only lasts a few minutes).

Mix the chickens in the onions. Fill in the chocolate powder. Raise the temperature to make it cook. Leave to cook for a few moments to bind the gravy. Decrease the temperature, put in the rice stock and tapas, and turn up the temperature to get it boiling again.

Reduce the oven and let it boil for 55 min. Mix sometimes. At the end of the summer, admit that it is curried and mayonnaise. When there is enough to mix the flavours, let the mixture soak for at least 20 mins. Allow to cool with coriander and chopped lemons or limes before serve.

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