Burma Superstar San Francisco

Burmese superstar San Francisco

Find menu, photos and location information for Burma Superstar SF in San Francisco, CA. Burmese superstar Burma Superstar began its culture trip in 1992. In 2002, Burma Superstar became one of the most beloved Burma style dining places in San Francisco. The corner stone of the new dining experience was the presentation of our Burma gastronomic expertise and traditions in a welcoming and welcoming environment inspiring an enormous and absorbent obsession for Burma's gastronomic legacy and cuisine.

Burma Superstar has a delicious selection of our favorite Burma Superstar cuisine. The lively flavours of Burma's cuisine have never before been so realizable for home cook. All of these formulas are designed and optimized for home chefs of all skill level, without the need for specific tools or long listings of hard-to-find items.

Breathtakingly illustrated and spiced with essay about the land and its dishes, this insight into the Burmese superstar presents a tempting view of an up-and-coming gourmet gem of Southeast Asia. Buy the best-selling Burma Superstar book here.

Burmese superstar

India, China and Thailand food is abundant, tasty and original and no one can make it better than Burma Superstar. Since 1992, this family-run facility in California has expanded to three sites (one in Alameda and one in Oakland). Whilst each picket has its own speciality, each meal is sure to contain crazy pasta, soup and lots of vegetable choices.

Up date: Popular Burmese chain under fire because of alleged wage thievery

Myanmar superstar, better known for his long bloodlines and tealeaf lettuce, is now the focal point of a suit brought by both present and former heroes. This complaint claims that the restaurants located in Oakland, Alameda and San Francisco did not adequately compensate employees, including for salaries, extra hours, compensated rest and sickness.

It was lodged on Thursday, September 8, on the name of three salaried staff and about 100 "similarly located" workmen, The Chronicle reported; lawyers from the Asia Law Caucus, the Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center and the Centro Legal de la Raza have lodged the complaint and are looking for the legal form of a collective complaint. Restorers Desmond Htunlin and Jocelyn Lee currently run five outlets, three of which are Burma Superstars, B*Star and Burma Love in the Missions. A 6th, untitled venue is scheduled for mid-market.

Upded, September 15 at 10:15 a.m.: A declaration by Nathan Ballard, founders of a Burma Superstar crises communication company, has been out: Burma Superstar: Burma Superstar has always been committed to the well-being, fortune and prosperity of its people since it was founded in 1992. Respectful of their families, the company's proprietors value their teams as an addition to their families and are committed to treating everyone with the highest level of consideration, offering good pay and outstanding performance - far beyond what is demanded by national, state and municipal Law.

They have been providing healthcare to their staff for six years. Many of Burma Superstar's staff have been with the firm since the opening of the restaurant. That reckless complaint is founded on falsehood. The Burmese superstar will be completely cleared and will win in law. Meanwhile, East Bay Express has been speaking with a claimant who called a claimant in the suit who said that "Burma superstar owner owes him and more than a hundred other workers wages".

Williams Navarette, a dish washer and chef, described an apparent breach in which proprietor Desmond Tan retained salary checks that he kept as "bail" that would only be given to staff if they ceased to work for the establishment (none of which was ever released). Further accusations are an "uninterrupted and violent working environment" without interruptions and the payment of wages per hour in order to avoid payment of extra hours.

Myanmar superstar himself has not spoken about this, although the communication of the crises seems to be fully effective.

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