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San Francisco Burma Superstar Restaurant

Myanmar Superstar SF is a Burmese restaurant in San Francisco. Burmese superstar owners open mid-market restaurant. Myanmar Superstar - Home - San Francisco - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews

Burmese, the name of this meal means "hand-touched salad", which does not help to describe how deliciously exaggerated and colourful it is. There' s safranice, four types of pasta, kale, potatoes, toofu, parsley, roasted onion, roasted tomato, roasted onion.... You get the image. Many years ago Joycelyn had the ingenious plan to change his name to Rainbow Lettuce, and the name got in.

A former clerk suing Burma superstar:'It Was Complete Madness'.

Burma's best-known supplier of lettuce from the Bay Area is facing a big sue. Ex-Burma Superstar staff talk about the complaint last weekend against the beloved restaurant group Bay Area. Willam Navarette - who worked as a dish washer, gadget and chef for Burma Superstar - is a claimant in a tux.

Said to the express that Burma superstar holders owed him and more than a hundred other staff pay. It also described what he says are dubious trading habits at the necklace, which comprises five associated dining outlets. Navarette said in an alleged injury that Burma superstar leader Desmond Tan introduced a rule that would prevent workers from receiving certain pay cheques on a week-to-month basis.

Instead, these cheques would become a bail and staff would only get them back if they no longer work for the restaurant. Navarette said that Tan had sacked him when one of his co-workers expressed his frustrations with the politics. It also alleges that no Burmese superstar operatives have ever gotten back the cash from these funds.

The Navarette also described an uninterrupted and violent working atmosphere. Burma Superstar's executives refused to review the suit with the Express. Over a hundred present and former Burma Superstar staff members are cited in the suit and allege a number of California Labour Law-breakers. For many of them, these workmen say the chains did not have paid a basic salary and denied them extra hours, break times and sicknesses.

Lawyers from the ALCA, the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center and the Centro Legal de la Raza lodged the action. Besides the three Burma Superstar Restaurant, two associated restaurant - Burma Love and B Star - are also mentioned in the mourning. Complainants allege that Tan ran the five Burma owned restaurant businesses as a cooperative and that what the complaint alleges is illicit pecuniary practice for all institutions.

One of the complaints is that Burma Superstar and its associated dining establishments have chosen to offer many of their chefs regular wages instead of an average per day workload. Because they were wrongly classified as white-collar staff exempted from California wages and salary legislation, these white-collar staff were not remunerated for working long hours and duplicate work.

Claimants are seeking putative collective redress for their claim in the Alameda County Higher Regional Court. The three claimants mentioned - Navarette, Mong Tsai Ma and Juan Fuentes - claim back salaries and legal costs, among other scourges. There was a review by the Restaurant Opportunities Center this past June found that Bay Area Restaurants have the biggest race-based wage gap out there.

Much of this concerns the wage gap between front-of-house and back-of-house workers, as only full-time workers usually get a tip - a problem that affects coloured workers more than others, as they tend to work in the canteen. Myanmar superstar has sites in Alameda, Oakland and San Francisco.

Originally opened in 1992 in the Richmond District of San Francisco, it is widely recognized for its popularization of Burma's cuisine in the Bay Area. It is an update of an article in an article about the Burma Superstar Complaint.

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