Burma Superstar Restaurant in San Francisco

Burmese Superstar Restaurant in San Francisco

Burmese superstar San Francisco residents like to queue up for a meal (a lot). Sometimes it's a good idea to sit tight. Minimal latency at the Burma Superstar for a four o'clock Saturday 7pm party: I don't like it, your four-person event is actually six. "If you' re going to stay less than two hour, you' re in luck.

As you know, a restaurant is a jewel when you have to pay for several meals. So I learnt that this was the case with Burma Superstar on a wet Saturday afternoons when I determined (foolishly) that it was a good plan to do a cycling tour in a dazzling downpour. Inspired by a desire for sampling my own water, I drove to the Burma superstar around 2 p.m. with the certainty that a) the wheather and b) the lesson would be in my favour.

It' getting even badder when supper comes. So unless it's a day-of-the-week meal for the jobless, pensioners and self-employed out there, Burma Superstar is the kind of place to be waiting no matter what you do to do it. Burma staple foods are tasty, rewarding, and many of the San Francisco Bordeaux berries have landed on the table.

You' ll never forgetting your first visit.... despite the fact that several other Burma places are just a few steps away (more on this later). If you come in, you want the above mentioned garnish - warm, savoury and enough to eat at your dinner - the just as popular tealeaf lettuce - it's savoury, crispy and in the right way intense and spicy.

Well, the spaghetti is also great; the curry and pasta are known to make some high tones; and I have a curious reminder that I really enjoyed their spaghetti years ago (although I had a sine infections and was on medication, so take this advice with caution). Luckily you will be in a part of the town full of great pubs, dining and personalities.

Suppose we still want to enjoy Burma dinner this evening, then we will stay away from identified restaurants, but the next night you are here, there will be herbs! Here you spend your free day as you dream of lettuce: This Inner Richmond wait is not a drink house!

Green Apple is one of the most poignant bookshops still to be found in our tablet-filled city. Several rooms, slightly distorted flooring and stacks of new and used book will no doubt occupy you. Oh, and sometimes they have Green Apple Books: Time Two: Are you waiting, there are two other stellar Myanmar diners right here?!

Here is the Burma superstar thing. It' bloody good, but this is her sorority restaurant, B Star, which is right down the road. Both these places take bookings, and both have lettuce. They are NEVER as full as the primordial superstar. Oh, there are also two sites of Burma superstar in East Bay.

And, yes, you could probably have gone to Alameda and back before sitting in San Francisco.

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