Burma Superstar Restaurant

Myanmar Superstar Restaurant

This is exactly what it's like when you're a very popular restaurant that doesn't take reservations. Ignore the line for Burma Superstars tea leaf salad. Remember to visit Burma Superstar in San Francisco? Find menu, photos and location information for Burma Superstar in Oakland, CA. Burmese superstar of Desmond Tan and Kate Leahy.

set meal

Home-made home-made home-made spaghetti made from brightly baked yellows beans. Serve with a hot chilli souce. Serve with Roman style cabbage and rocket cabbage sallad, roasted golden peas, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes and shrimps (or vegetarian). Four kinds of pasta mixed together, parsley, onions, shrimps and too much to mention.... with tamarinddress.

Lettuce cooked with romer, marinated lettuce, marinated lettuce, roasted cloves of green pepper, sage, sliced lettuce and prawns (or vegetarian). Fresh lettuce with marinated mangos, roasted onion, and cucumber. Lettuce with roasted sliced chickens, roasted onion, coriander and our dressings with garlicks. Produced from samusa, crushed falafeln, lenses, kale and onion.

Seafood broth with pasta, grated pea, onion, coriander, lime and chilli. Myanmar coir pasta with chickens, onion, egg, coriander, lime and chilli. Braise chickens legs (on the bone) and prawns in a saucepan with pear rices, currants and beans. Covered with pea, coriander and almond.

Mix roasted chicky breasts with coffee in our five-spice hot and cold pepper salad. Gratinated chickens in a cute, aromatic and aromatic chilli and glic escalope. Mix roasted chicky breasts with porcini, lemon grass, lemon grass, lemon, garlic, chilli and freshly baked pea. Roasted sliced chickens in a tasty and aromatic gravy with tomato and herbs.

Mix roast chicky breasts with mangos and onion in a slight chilli sauces. Chopped chickens, ground meat, ground coffee ground meat, ground coffee powder, ground coffee beans, mint, garlic, coriander and jalapenos (not mildly available). Roast chilli, sprouts of jalapeno, lemon leaves and onion. Stewed with potatos and baked with coriander (beef or lamb).

Roasted roast suckling onion, chilli and onion. Onion, tomato, chilli and peppermint leaf steaks thrown in a frying pan (not available mild). Roasted veal with French fries, paprika and base oil in our five-spice hot and cold souce. Stripes of veal slightly roasted and roasted with a spicy and sugary sauces.

Covered with fennel seed. Prawns with a chilli and gnocchi sauces. Prawns with onion, tomato, chilli and peppermint leaf (not mildly available). Shrimps thrown in a toast in our garage in our jalapeño and toast with coriander and clove. Shrimps slightly roasted and thrown with a sugary gravy.

Covered with sautéed nuts and herbs. Mix the prawns with the mangos and bulbs in a chilli dressing. Bohemian pasta with cucumber, potato, chilli and shrimps (or vegetarian) and kale. BURMESIAN pasta with chicken-coconut-curry sauces, eggs, chopped peas, baked crisps, lemon leaves and baked shallots.

Dumplings with a thicker coccosauce, chopped peas, eggs, cabbage and roasted onion. Flachmehlnudeln with currysauce, broad peas, sautéed peas, cabbages and chilli (coconut-curry-flat pasta, not available vegetarian).

Rice pasta (chicken or vegetarian) in piquant potato gravy with marinated radishes, coriander, groundnuts and optionally chickens or beans. Slightly roasted bean curd with a tasty and aromatic gravy. Covered with fennel seed. A young, delicate green, roasted with vine and cloves of clove. Thrown broccoli with vine and onion.

Roasted baked coffee rolls with chilli pepper sauces. This is our specially designed Thai and Japonese tomato-based artichoke cream with aubergine and squeezed toffu. Roasted baked yoghurt with chilli and spring onions. Silk Toofu slightly roasted on a peas bedside. Baked with champignons and paprika in a chilli coffee style chilli pepper - baked in a chilli -beansauce.

Roasted baked coffee in our five spices - sweat. Roasted toffu with a crisp lady's eye in a stirred fire, chilli stir-fry. Flavoured jasmine-ripe boiled with coir and covered with onion. Boiled basmatti risotto with cardoon, baked raisin and onion.

Home-made, Indian-stamped panslice. Roasted paddy with bay rices, whole yellows and roasted onion.

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