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Reservations for Burma Superstar

It' been pretty crowded, but I think you can make a reservation in advance. Venue & Opening times We' re very proud to introduce you to the flavours and kitchens of Burma. Myanmar food is a story based on local lands and old customs. Coastal, woodland, tropical and mountain crops in Burma have all helped create the lush flavor and smell you get with every morsel.

Sorry, we do not accept reservations.

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Are you accepting reservations? This snake begins to line up in front of the entrance around 4:30 pm for 5:00 pm. Become the first group or sit and sit down until the first supper is ready to get a meal. It'?s an excellent meal.... hence the long line. We' ve been calling today, 10 mins away, and they don't take reservations or call in advance.

Burmese superstar

As with any celeb, it's simple to spot this extraordinary superstar made of black woods by the fervent crowd that raves like parazzi. Mouth-watering treats range from pasta with inlaid finger and a layer of toofu in a savoury chopped thyme and ginger soup or cabocha pumpkin with ginger soup and ginger and coconut glutene. Creme-flavoured Thai ice teas are the ideal counterweight to the strong, aromatic food.

Prevent waiting with Oaklands Burma Superstar

I had superstar food in Burma in the Richmond District of San Francisco, it was like a gastronomic trip through Southeast Asia. I' ve experienced a civilization whose kitchen combines flavours - from cardoon and spices to lemongrass and coconuts - and cooking skills of its neighbours.

My food from Burma is one of the most delicious, multi-sensory food I have ever tasted. Featuring a dedicated client list and iconic reputation, Burma Superstar holders could have introduced a booking system or opened extra sites to service those of us who are compelled to go to San Francisco and then queue up for tealeafs.

Myanmar superstar opened its third office on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland eight month ago (the second office, in Alameda, was opened in 2007). Oakland is in good companionship and shares Telegraph Avenue with Barlata and Dona Tomas. Contrary to its San Francisco counterpart, the East Bay is light, open and furnished in a modern country atmosphere with darker, chocolaty highlights.

The Oakland restaurants, like San Francisco, are full of table. The first thing I always do is to begin with the tealeaf salad ($9.25), thin slice of Roman salad, peanut, shrimps, fried cloves, roasted cloves, tomatoes, fresh jalapño, parsley, sunflower seed, tomatoes, yellow chick peas and Burmese breas.

They were both presented in the Food Network and as good as in San Francisco. The choice of food in Burma Superstar can be stunning - there are 50 possibilities with pig, hen, meat, mutton or beef, but I seldom miss the classic Burmese cinnamon rice casserole ($14.75).

This steamy, savoury and sweetened meal is prepared in a saucepan covered with stewed hen's legs and prawns cooked with biryanise-ripe, gold plum brandy, walnuts and beans. Upon referral of our servers, which was quick and kind, we tried the Fiery Tofu with beef ($13.75).

A cry for China, the meal contained roasted veal (or lamb) with bean, French bean, paprika and basket of paprika in a five-spice sauces. The warmth of the gravy and the smoothness of the tofus mated wonderfully with one side of the semi-sweet Tan Poi ($2.50), basmati rices boiled with cardoon, lemon and raisin and covered with onion.

It is one of the four travel offers of the restaurants, which contains a variation of roasted red and whole baked red and green bean. The Burmese style is a must-have last dish ($14.75), but I suggest it with prawns. Whilst the taste of the middle spiced bread was great - tomatoes and Burmese clove make it Burmese - this one I ordered it with fish and was not fierce on the textures.

I still think they should take reservations. Forty-seven 21 Telegraph Ave. Myanmar. VEGETARIAN: Samusas, Soup, Salad, Pasta, Vegetables and Toofu. RESERVATIONS: PARKS: Along Telegraph Avenue and neighborhoods along 47th and 48th Street. PLUSES: Extravagant, reasonably priced food without the long queues of San Francisco.

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