Burma Superstar Menu

Myanmar Superstar Menu

Myanmar Superstar Prices and Sites Myanmar Samusas*$9. 95 with chickens or 5 pieces vegetable, Myanmar ravioli stuffed with curried seasonings and potato. 95 multilayered loaf of bred garnished with a coconut-curry-hen gravy. Beat salt and pepper and fry with spring onions and paprika. 95calamari roast wafer with a lemon-chili dressing on a peanut covered layer of peanut lettuce.

95homemade of crispy green coffee in the middle, silky in the middle, serving with soya chilli. Vegetable salad*$8. 95salad cooked with marinated lettuce, prawns (or vegetarian), roasted cloves of garden shrimps, roasted potatoes, sliced green pea and lettuce. Burmesian poultry salad*$10. 95 style lettuce with kale, roasted sliced chickens, roasted onion, coriander and our dressings with garlicks.

Sauté Samusa Salad*$9. 95back on multiple request, lettuce with vegetable samusa, kale, cucumber, peppermint and onion. Burmesian traditionally style rissalad (Try it with our curries)$9. 95 traditionally style rissalad with shrimps (or vegetarian), coffee maker's coffee, coriander, roasted peanut, kale and bean. Samusa soup*$11. 25made with samusa, falafel, lentils, kale and onion.

95 Boned chickens with amber beans. Potato Pig Curry*$12. 95 Boned Pig Furry with Potato. 95wok fried hen over a cot of chilled cress, with a peanut-dried prawn gravy covered with fried groundnuts. Ninety-five Spicy Chicken With freshwater Basil$11. 95Chicken with lemon grass, lemongrass, lemon balm and hot beans.

Fowl$11. 95 slightly roasted stripes of chickens in a cute, spicy sauces. Stewed pot roast with mustard greens $14. 95savory discs of delicate pot roast in a delicious sweetened spicy dressings of cheese, spices, garlic powder and white grape. 95stir roasted hen with beef, onion, tomato, chilli and peppermint. Seasonal Mango $12. 25stir roasted chickens with crisp mangoes in a mild chilli sauces.

Burmesian Curry*burma Superstar's speciality with either prawns or celery. 25wok thrown prawns with a chili-garlic gravy. PUMKIN FOOD PUMPKIN pumkin food pumpkin soup*$14. 95shrimp pumkin soup boiled with cabocha pumpkin and sourginger. Kebat*$14hrimp. 95wok thrown prawn prawn with onion, tomato, chilli and lem. Chilli Shrimp$14. 95wok thrown prawn prawns in our olive poured on our clothes and covered with roasted clothes.

Lemon grass salmon$16. 25 pieces roast 25 pieces green lemon grass, paprika and almonds. Walnuss Shrimp$13. 25 prawns slightly sautéed and thrown with a sugary dressing, covered with sautéed nuts and grains of dry driedses. Seasonal Mango Shrimp13. 50stir prawns with crisp mangoes in a mild chilli sauces. The Burmese Style Curry*burma Superstar's spezial Burmese style curve, optionally with veal or almond.

95stir roasted Lamm with dry and chilled chilli, bulbs and Basilikum, comes more spicily or spices. cannot be cooked mildly. 95stir roasted veal with tomato, chilli and minty leaf. A fiery veal with tofustir roasted veal with bean, hot pepper, hot and cold bean, hot and sour cream.

95 slices of roasted veal with a spicy and sugary dressing of lemongrass. Seasonal Mango beef13. 25stirred roasted veal with crisp mangoes in a mild chilli sauces. 95so easy, but so good, roasted croccoli with vine and onion. Potato or Yellow Bean Curry*$9. 95 Burmesian style with four home-made bread.

95burma Superstar's vegetable blend of tomato, pumpkin, aubergine, lentil and beef. 95stir roasted onion, tomato, pumpkin, carrot, chilli and peppermintle. 95stir roasted coffee rolls, grilled coffee rolls, baked potatoes, baked egg. 95stir roasted French fries, paprika, tofu und Basilikum in our five spices.

95burmese ruddy rum with golden savory toffu. Super Star Vegetarian Noodles*$8. 95 pasta with cucumber, potato, chilli and kale. Serving time. Marijuana Gyi Dok (Mild coco nut chickens ice cream cheese curry)*$10. 25Price pasta with a smooth currysauce of chickens. 25Shan pasta in a savoury potato gravy with marinated radishes, coriander and groundkin.

Knoblauchnudeln (duck, pork or tofu and broccoli)*$8. 95 pasta with roasted onions, roasted garage leaves and optional meats or vegetable with chilli sauces. Myanmar roasted rice$7. 95 roasted brown rices with whole potato chips and whole potato chips. Platha$3. 95indian affected roasted sliced loaf. Please directly ask the eatery for the latest prices and menu information.

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