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Current Burma Superstar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, children's food and more. There are tons of good Burmese food in San Francisco, and Burma Superstar lives up to its name. Mystery Burma SuperStar Restaurant. Here you will find directions, reviews and information about Burma Superstar in Alameda, CA. Locate and reserve parking for Burma Superstar in San Francisco.

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and wow, that's the best meal I've had in a while. And I didn't know what to look forward to, because I had never tasted Myanmar before. The only thing I expected was that it would be similar to India's diet, and there were not many of them.

Like nothing I have ever tasted, the coir was a real coconut-flavored and sweet variety that is perfect to counteract all tasty cuisines. In any case, I suggest ordering it with every meal, as it is a side dish without any of the major courses. One of my favourite meals was pasta and cocco.

It' got a lot of pasta on the bottom and the stock on the top, a whole cooked eggs and crispy wraton chips on the top. We had a meal with chilli fluffs and lemons on the side, which go well with this kind of vegetable to add some aroma. It was like a pecorino and the taste was out of this one!

It' s so difficult to describe because the seasonings used were not usual, but the waiters recommend this meal to us because it was a favourite and his favour. The combination with the chilli was PERFECT because you first tasted the palatability of the boiled sheep, but then you got the flavour of soft chilli sauce.

It was like a thick nana, but roasted with onion in it, and it was like a poultry red wine with chickens in it. It was the first we had tried Burma cooking. Sitting was not very comfy and felt tense, but the meal definitely made up for it.

The lettuce was ordered with lettuce, freshly boiled lettuce, freshly boiled black pepper, lettuce, coconut prawns and brown sugar mushrooms. He helped us introduce the food, especially if it went through all the food in the lettuce.

This lettuce is totally tasty, my friend usually doesn't even like eating lettuce that doesn't contain beef, and he said it was in his two favourite lettuce of all times. Mangoso was fine, it was below my expectation, but at least it wasn't as angry as I had imagined.

It was a perfect crisp and slightly crisp, not hardened and crisp. Another good thing about this was the good quality of our trip (and this comes from someone who normally doesn't like coconut-flavored rice). The Park Street is one of the best places to go when you are starving, but not quite sure what kind of meal you want.

Today it was Burma dinner for me. We were meeting a buddy and I thought we would go to the Burma superstar because we haven't been there for a while. It' weird that I've been here before and never ate the lettuce. There is a big discrepancy in the dry prawn.

Timothy, our servers, took the court, declared what it was and mingled it. Then we got the pig tummy with mustary-green and a side of hazelnut paddy. Loving her coccoos. It' so good with everything, especially when you order it. There was nothing wrong with the potbelly meal, nothing more.

Well, I think I relish the sherbet here more. I' m telling you, if you're thinking what it is, it's a mixture of India and China. 5. 5th evaluation for my attendance in the SF venue in 2012. Dinner was below average for a few meals. Tealeaf lettuce seemed under flavored and not so ferment.

We had a great time with the curried noodles! It was so delicate and the stock was savoury. Most of the time the crunchy and aromatic poultry dishes were not crunchy and full of crumble. All the court could save was the addictive gravy. I' d come back and try again, but until then I have to cut down a badge for this Burma.

Somehow their waters are very well accepted here at Burma Superstar. My family's favourite would be their spaghetti with cloves of cloves. That'?s what we had with bean curd, goose and choo. Knoblauchnudeln are therefore a must! Oh, I like the dressings and topping on the spaghetti.

I' d suggest the mongoose, too. No big fans of her tea leaf lettuce or her samossa soup, but her jasminreis is quite good! It had some great mutami flavours with a samosa-like dumplings and some sugary and savoury rum flavours. It had a full flavour and was compensated by the tasty purifying purée of lettuce and lettuce of sage.

I' m living in a part of California where Burma eating is a rare occurrence, so I took the chance to come here. and the bun tay causer with another boyfriend. Tealeaf lettuce was fresh and special, I can see why it is the norm.

Bun Tay causer had a great touch of spiciness and was a good way to balance the light one. Each court that came past us seemed great. I' ve got her rainbow lettuce in the truest sense of the word CRAVE and I have to come over and eat at noon or in the evening! I and my boyfriend went to this place in Alemeda and enjoyed a full days at the St. George Destillery in Alemeda.

After I had waited two or more hrs at their San Francisco site a year earlier, I wanted to have my dinner there. At that time it was certainly rewarding to sit back and relax, but it was nice to come to the Alemeda venue for dinner (I think you have to be there for the opening).

Beautiful luncheon - we had sheep and veal with their sides of chestnut and jasmin and shared a heap! While I know that lettuce is a favourite with many, and it's unique, I think the curried foods are great. However, the service was very good and the meal very fast, delicious and inexpensive.

Flavor 3/5 - I ordered the pasta broth. Servings -2/5 - there were only a few chickens and pasta. I went to see the Burmese superstar in San Francisco a few years ago. Dinner was great! The personnel was extremely kind, very agreeable and courteous. Ain' not so cute.

5. The ovum with kra cream from the veggie meal was new to me. It was a beautiful basis for tomatoes, the balls were cooked to perfection and the olives were well-stewed. 5. 5 Piquant pasta with bean curd reminds me of Thai pasta, but tasty.

It was a little rough on me. It' not too poor to include celebrities in this report anyway =P Burma Superstar is a must for anyone living in and from the area.

This was a much better site than the one in San Francisco. Dinner came out real quick, too. It is a good accompaniment to this meal. Mangohuhn ( "mango chicken") with spaghetti and spaghetti: 5. 5 The spaghetti was on top! Pasta was very aromatic and garlicy.

On the other side... the hen was strange. I' m looking for chickens with a touch of almonds. However, this court seemed so cute. They tastes like they've put a can of mongoose over the hen. I found it overpowering and an uncommon combination with the spaghetti.

5/5 bovine veal sour cream with cocco nut paddy: 5/5 The coco nut paddy is so good! It is a subtle sweetener without taking too much of the freshly curried fruit. Patatoes were boiled to perfection and the ricotta was very generous. It also came with a side of lettuce of chestnut that was fresh, but I wouldn't order it if it hadn't come with the food.

Each meal costs about $10-$13 each. And the serving size is up. That'?s the first I' ve ever tasted Myanmar cuisine. Its flavours were really different from what I was used to when I was dining in Asia. It tasted great, I really did enjoy it and I'm definitely going back, all the meal we were having was delectable.

All in all, the meal was great, very tasty. It' the best of all, really smelled good. The Platha & Sip aperitif is good, the bred is very butty and the curried dipping cream is a great accompaniment to the butter. Knoblauchnudeln and canard is one of my favourite dishes.

The mango chickens are my smallest favourite, it's expensive, the poultry sauces are too cute. Our builder today made a decision to order a luncheon, and when she said I was sceptical, especially because I had never eaten it or even had any. They ordered lettuce, eggplants with cloves, greens, mint chickens, chickpeas, coconut rices and another meal of meat I can't recall.

Peppermint was my favourite. I' m imagining ordering a dish of it and ate it over a bottle of chilli peanut butter. The least of my favorites was lettuce. I' ve had chocolate shrimps with chocolate topping. I would also suggest lemongrass. It was a pleasure to eat and drink, also the atmosphere.

Personnel is AWESOME (Marn should be her coworker of the month!), meals were BOMB and beverages are TIPSY. Tip: I'm not a big supporter of travel (I know, SHOCKER), but I'm always for some Burmese superstar coir travel.

In the beginning my boyfriend wanted a lettuce or shellfish and we chose to share the shrimps and the brown and white cod and put them on a jug of fried potatoes. We had just cast our first few jars when dinner followed. Prawns were crunchy and shelled. But since it is cute, it would probably have been better mated with some savoury.

This was the first try of Burma Superstar and it didn't let us down! Resolved to order the flavorful veal, curried okra( for my veggie friend, dried codfish, and parted a homemade home-made homemade lasso. Juicy was a little angry, but the food was astonishing!

It' been so good, we ordered more of them. "Without the good meal, this place would have got 3-star because of the waiting time and wrong information.

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