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Myanmar Superstar - 1498 pictures & 2086 reviews - Burmese - 4721 Telegraph Ave, Temescal, Oakland, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone number - Menu Monday evening we drew what was left of our crisp, delicious, tasty, nutty tea leaf salad (a must) onto our Platha. However, my favourite meal was the chili lamb I had during my noontime. All my midday friends were in agreement that I had won with this meal, even with the flavor.

I was not unbelievably mad about it, but this made some of the uniquely tasty dishes of Burma's tradition lighter on the occassion. It was a great tealead. It' unbelievably different from the traditonal tealeaf lettuce, which is very salty/vinegar. So we ordered the prawns, which were not yet ripe for season.

The use of immature ripe fruit made a dramatic change in flavour, my boyfriend said. The soft but smooth gourd flavour was well poised, especially when served with a piece of chilli sauce. Once you've had your tasty tealeaf lettuce, you're probably already hooked on Burma superstar.

A few morsels of this colourful, crispy lettuce at the table will make you a typical Myanmar dish and nobody makes a lettuce that is as spacious and tasty as the Burma superstar. Now with several sites in San Francisco (the originals on Clement and expanding into the mission) and two sites in East Bay, this Myanmar realm continues to grow.

Dinner is always the big one. I was persuaded by this Myanmar meal that if I could just put roasted onion on top of everything savoury, I could be forever overjoyed. This was my first Bulmese dinner and I think I'm in Iove. I' m not a foreigner and I think I'd be eating it every day if I could!

Though I usually stick away from the tough or iggly toffu that is usually ministered in inns because the aroma is never quite like how I make it at home, but this court has put me to the stigma. but there are so many other great things about this place that I think I'll let them partake of the show.

When I looked through the menu---ooh samosa--I eventually agreed on the Thai lettuce they threw and bored with the side of the citrus. Our tables are filled with French fries, spaghetti, basil partridge, lettuce and this one. And I think I'm gonna be dreaming about this thing called soy... seriously. I had Burmese on my kitchen lists, but it's one of the few that you can't find in Sacramento, where I reside.

I had a friend in San Francisco who strongly encouraged Burma Superstar and even volunteered to join us for dinner. Apparently the line at Burma Superstar can be 60-90 min and it's still rewarding to be there. While we were waiting, we looked at the large meal list and poured our mouth over the description of the meals with roasted coconuts, curries, gingers and other tasty herbs.

The tea leaf salad was the first. That was a large serving of 10 prawns in a tasty gravy. Burmese Python has a tasty after-taste. As an appetizer we ordered jasmine-, coconut-rice and platha-bread. The Burmese curry with lamb was the first.

It contained fried chilli, sprouts of balm, jalapños, onions and lemon leaf. It didn't look like the pig tummy I'm used to, but it was a yummy, spicy and savoury one. Usually I don't eat aubergines, but the gravy in this meal was so good that I went back for seconds.

It had some traditional flavours, but not as much as the fiery chickens with vegetables. Flavoured with five spices, this chickens and bean curd was tasty and tasty. It was all tasty and several dishes - especially the tea leaf salad and pork belly - were excellent. Superstar?! I' ll call them the most precious because Burma babies..... you are the real MVP!

I' m kidding; it's still just as important, but save the best (the details of the food) for last. Menus seem infinite with a variety of different kinds of soup, pasta and ricepack. Slightly more expensive than other kitchens, but nice in line with the other local Myanmar cuisine.

And I made the most of it and took about half of my "lunch" with me. I think there' s enough paddy to stuff you. Aaaund, while we' re on the subject of lunches.... the dinner! Could we discuss the lettuce? The crispy, the fresh, the taste of it! Schayla doesn't like tealeaf lettuce!

but I just can't deal with the bitterness of the leafy herbs. I would strongly advise their lettuce for those who are in the same ship as me! You get the same qualities and fresh flavour as with your tealeaf lettuce.... but without the herbs.

Let's not ignore their tasty coccoons! And I can't help but remember to bring up her Myanmar milky infusion! I would have liked to try her homemade Lengo because this is one of my favourite beverages, but I didn't know it was on the list until I ordered the milky teas.

But there is always a next one ("winking"). Altogether a great event and I already dream of my next trip, which will probably take place during the evening meal. I' m sure Burma Superstar is one of my favorite places to eat when I have a friend in the city. It' a tasty meal and there is always something else to try.

Favourite food to eat and to eat. I would also suggest the walnuts prawns and the plateau dipping (only for the coconut-curry dip). I' m not a lettuce man, so to be perfectly frank, the tealeaf lettuce didn't really make an impression on me..... It was good for lettuce, so I can see why folks like it.

Before I ate here, I had never eaten Myanmar meal and now I'm in Iove! Didn't know the meal was so tasty and tasty. Her tea leaf lettuce is my favourite meal. And when I was presented to him, I thought, biggie would be a lettuce, but kid I was bad.

I' d never thought I'd be someone who liked lettuce because I'm more of a vegetable girl and steamed meat, but this place has put lettuce on a whole new sock. That was the first goddamn thing I've had in Burma and I'm a big admirer. We' ve chosen the lettuce, spaghetti with spaghetti and cucumber.

Tealeaf first came out, and the servers mingled it for us. Afterwards, the chickens and dumplings came out quickly. It was a tasty and slightly aromatic but a very special meal. My first Burma superstar has my ticker (and my purse, but we'll deal with that later). As I visited the Bay Area to see some of my buddies, I asked for something less of a tradition, and they immediately chose Burma Superstar.

I' ve never tasted Myanmar before, but now I have a new favourite. We' ll share a jug with our own tango and tapas, which I will describe as wonderfully sugary and invigorating on a hot summernight. We want to share our Myanmar cooking (as I know it), so our menu has ordered the following: the renowned tealeaf, plata and dips, lettuce, sesame meat, gourd casserole, walnuts prawns and coir.

Tealeaf lettuce had been hypept for me, and it was good, but dropped a little shallow because I had such high hopes. The only reason I didn't really enjoy gourd poultry soup was because it turned pale compared to the eating starch, the pale veal of sorghum. The prawns we also loved, and the rainbow of coconuts was great and never overwhelmed the people.

I have always liked Burma Superstar eating and I'm frustrated that we can't have any more here, but it's not on our menus anymore. Although we have been ordering from Burma Superstar for years (we usually got a snack to save waiting for a table), the last two time we ordered we found a handful of groundnuts in our plates.

And when we come to get our lunch, we are relieved to see that the receipt says "no peanuts". If we open it, there'll be groundnuts in our meal! When this first occurred, groundnuts were scattered on our tealeaf lettuce (although here too....our order was clearly indicated on the box).

But the same thing happend again last evening, this one in Nan Gyi Dok, a court that does not even mention groundnuts as an additive! My man had eaten several morsels of the meal before he noticed that the crispy pieces of peanut that were added to the dressing were squashed peanut, not the common divided pee.

We are not sure what has happened and why a place that has always been able to absorb this type of allergic reaction has become so incautious. but Burma superstar is off our menu of dining places. It has a really nice atmosphere, but I have the feeling that the single articles I ordered could have been better.

3. I also ordered Burma Milk Tea. 3. 5 For my dinner I ordered the homemade coconut rice and tango and it was a maczing! One of the best curried tango I have ever had was tango-tafu - a really great mixture of sugary and aromatic and the small bits of tango on the side were a great tast.

It' also really good - like jasmine-ripe, but it' s much cuter. All I wish I hadn't brought them together because it was sometimes too cute - I would suggest buying the more spicy version of our trip and getting jasmin in case you want to order a mango one.

So I had to take home remnants and the next morning the meal still tastes good! That lettuce was unlike anything I had. And I also used to love aubergines and trip on coconuts. After never hearing about Burma eating, I was very nervous to come to Burma Superstar.

As it was the first one we had tried the dressing, our waitress threw it in front of us and listed all the ingredients he added to the mixture: ferment butterfruit, tomatoes, jalapño, crisp groundnuts and seed, grinded sun-dried prawns, chilled lime juices and seasons. It was a meal rich in different flavours and texture.

We asked for a side dish of chestnut paddy. This fleecy paddy was wonderfully pervaded with the taste of coconuts. There was no better place to be in Burma Superstar or any other place! I' d longed for Burmese food last weekend and since I was near Oakland, I chose to have supper at the Burma Superstar with my man and some family.

Dinner was really well thought out. Well-known TEA LEAF SALAD did justice to its name and was so good that we convened a second round. BURMESE SAMUSAS were also tasty with just the right amount of tasty fill. Also for our entrées the Currys came a few moments before the pasta and rices, which was a bit depressing.

Still, the meal was quite good. I would strongly advise FIERY VEGETABLES WITH TOFU if you fancy some herbs. Pricing is a little steep, but the meal compensates for it. You order the whole thing in one go and you'll have a good one. So we got the teasalad, squid and the curried pasta and that was more than enough for 2 persons for about $25-30pp, leaving some.

I was very much struck by the meal itself. The curried pasta meal is the ideal mixture of savoury and spices. However, the services take their sweetheart' leisure here because they are so occupied, but if you don't care, then you are just right! The good thing is that you don't usually have to wait until supper to park on the road.

In fairness, I've never tasted Myanmar before. It'?s not too hard to eat, but it?s a little expensive for what you get. We had a good meal, but the meal did not please our taste buds enough for a comeback. At about 6 pm I came to the Burma superstar and there were already a lot of guys there.

So we ordered the tealeaf because we hear it's the thing to order. My boyfriend gave me the chickens from my sister's advice with one side of bay paddy and my boyfriend ordered the spaghetti. I' d definitely reccomend getting the chickens as it had a cute taste of chestnut to it but a bump in the end.

and there were so many chickens! Tealeaf lettuce was interesting, to say the least. Charmed how they were preparing it with each component separately and then had someone describe the whole thing and have it mixed up for us, but I probably couldn't get the tealeaf sometime.

and I don't think I like this tealeaf vinegar. This was a great initiation to Burma eating! But I' ve unfortunately never tried Myanmar before. Each meal I tried was one of a kind and tasty; from lettuce teas to gourd and pig soup with pike-perch and codfish, I loved every morsel!

And the chilli was delicious too, but the mix of fresh chilli and spicy pig meat stews really exaggerated it for me. When my buddies and I finished dinner, I had to see if I could speak Myanmar somewhere at home..... but no.

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