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Dinner at Burma Super Star, Francisco's Clement Street, Richmond District. lndia opens highway to Burma and Thailand. The Burmese Fix at Burma Super Star Restaurant? this spicy place is an indispensable addition to the San Francisco district. Immediately order the delivery of Best Of Burma in San Mateo online!

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Myanmar Superstar - 3604 pictures & 6126 reviews - Burmese - 309 Clement St, Inner Richmond, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Telephone number

It' s been 11 years since I was a superstar in Burma (yes, live was happening and I couldn't walk), but not much has really moved. with a home-made multi-layered loaf of bred with cream sauce: Regenbogensalat (22 ingredients Salat aus vier Nudelsorten, grünner Papaya, Zwiebeln, getrockneten praelen, roasted Schalottenpurpurkohl, Koriander mit Tamarindendressing):

Much as I like the tea leaf lettuce, I didn't want to get too much rainbow lettuce. but I know now that the next order is without coriander. Myanmar chickens & prawns casserole (braised chickens and prawns in an earthenware dish with biryanise-riese, currants and beans.

S SO tasty and the paddy absorbs all the aromas of the hen. It'?s my favourite! You will always find a queue to get in the entrance, no matter what hour of the morning. Lettuce of velusa soup: Tealeaf - Blend on the go and it might be the best tealeaf lettuce you will ever have.

Divide the spicy & crispy chickens and make sure to try the specialty beverages. So the only thing I had before was a tealeaf lettuce I liked, so I was very thrilled to come here. But we have the roasted sandwich, a chicken-curry pasta meal and a basil-chicken special.

For a 4-person dinner we ordered the raindrop lettuce, samuza broth, zamusa sauce, nan glyi doc and prawn curve with cocco nut ice cream my favourite meal would be prawns. They were very tasty and the ricotta was really good. Both the lettuce and the pasta had such a different flavour than I am used to, in a good way.

Lettuce was fresh and came with 22 different ingrediences. Pasta was not too overwhelming with many flavours. You' ll also have to order the chillibe. Her favourite meal is the lettuce, which you can see on every other image. Myanmar superstar is one of the SF-commercials. Approximately waiting was 60-90 min, and it definitely peaked at 90 min while we were sitting.

Tealeaf: It' a very special meal with a lovely screen and a lovely description of the different types of topping when it comes on the plate. In my view, the most unusual addition, the fermenting tealeaf, had a curious cheesy aroma. It' my girlfriend's favourite, so we ordered it at her option.

They were spiced with seasonings and onion in the skin. and the next day, and I guess this court was the doer. Garlic prawns: Shrimps were big and delicious, I'd order that again.

Coquoise rice: It is not highly flavoured with coconuts, but as an accompaniment to other meals. That pasta was my least favourite part of the food. No, I wouldn't suggest buying pasta here because I don't think that's what they're known for. Order your own SAMUSTA broth and lettuce with roses.

Tealeaf lettuce is the restaurant's most favourite meal. Teasalad: I remembered the mutton itself and it wasn't a super game. Prawns with garlic: It' probably my favourite thing we ordered. Giant chunks and a large quantity of prawns, wrapped in cloves of cloves. They were a little aromatic, savoury and superglovey.

It' been delightful with the coquoise paddy. We had 2 orders of pasta for 4 people: Do you think it was curry-flavored? but I think nextly I' d order the spaghetti. Next confession. Wonderful services, the personnel was kind and satisfied, but for the period it took to sit down?

I' ve been hearing a lot about Burma loves, so when we were in the neighbourhood of the Burma Superstar nursery - we were very thrilled to try this place. I ordered her Shan pasta for the meal because I really like having crisp vegetables in my "dry" pasta.

And when it got there, they were mixing the pasta at the desk. Pasta was very good and the vegetable was a great textured mix, but the flavor was somehow not what I expected? Unfortunately, that wasn't my favourite pasta experiance! That line was just not possible every single case we came here.

When I took my first snack, I immediately asked the waitress to place another order - that's how good! I' m not even a lettuce man..... There' are many other ways, but lettuce is a must! I' ve wanted to go to Burma Superstar for month, and when we were in the area, I knew I had to make the journey.

The first things I saw were the works of art and cards that were scarcely distributed in the canteen. So I ordered the sesame beef lunch special, which came with homemade cod liver and cabbage salad and stewed croc. Definately get the cocco nut ride that has a mild flavour that won't subdue the remainder of the plate.

I look forward to trying out the adjoining Burma Love eatery in the near term and look forward to returning the next day when I'm in the area. I had the chance to see the greatness that Burma is a superstar. They were angry around noon, so I was a little jumpy when I left in the last opening hours (open at 11:30).

It gave us enough free coffee on the outside seats. Samusa Chicken: The gravy is murderous. Piquant crunchy chicken: it's so tasty. Shrimps: really good, but not roasted like the ones I usually have. To be honest, it was already so full that I didn't have much of it left.

Roasted Burmesian type rice: The structure was a little special and there was not a whole barrel of flavour unless something of the gravy from other meals was added. The meal was delivered in the familiar way, so my group ordered one meal each. we' tried the pasta, ricotta, mango chickens and prawn and chicken soufflé.

The three were tasty, but the chickens were really outstanding because the fruits were so new. I' ll be back to try the tealeaf lettuce and other tasty -looking menus! The tealeaf lettuce, platha and dips, hot chickens and pig meat with inlaid Mangocurry, all with a pinch of jasmine ric.

Platha and dipping is a sliced flat loaf of baked pork loaf with a coconut-curry sauces. Tealeaf had a nice display. It' not a poor lettuce, but I couldn't get over the fermentations. This fiery chicken resembles the Panda Express Kung Pao chicken. It is the best of everything we have tried today!

The most interesting was marinated mangocurry-meat. There was a turmeric-flavored stock like an lndian Curry. Court was in order. I was here with others some while ago, so this one I was thrilled when I was in the area. Though I ordered my customary favourites, I could have ordered any other court they were offering, as they look Delish across from the joint table I was sharing.

Your tealeaf lettuce is unsurpassed. It was unblended to show the colourful display. I' ve also got the mohinga, my favourite pasta dinner in Burma. Myanmar superstar has received this very well. A must-have: tealeaf lettuce. Tealeaf lettuce is made of 7 different raw materials and fermentations.

Waiting times can be a little long, so you should schedule in advance and arrive either early or later. It'?s not very unusual. When I moved to SF half a year later, I could hear everything great about this place and could get out of work on schedule, where I could stand in line to have lunch.

Burma super star did not let down, however. - Teabag lettuce - Super star vegetable pasta - veal sausage - roasted bacon Teablatt salad: seven different components, among them fermentations. Your host explains the meal and mixes it for you in additon to the servings. Super star vegetable noodles: cool noodle boys!

It is similar to peanuts in China flavour. PRS: - also large amount, divisible - easy, evenly clad - well proportioned taste: this comes with not too much dressings, but also same parts of the seasoning that make up the meal CONS: - no beef curry:

  • Not super greasy like some curry - Good amount of cream CONS: - would be good to have a slightly bigger serving to make it divisible. Myanmar superstar doesn't really need any more astonishing criticism, but here it is anyway. Myanmar superstar is fantastic. I' ve been coming here all this while and lately I've had the feeling that the line to get a desk wasn't super awful, but I can't even recall the last timeout I waited too long because they had you called before to put your name on the docket.

Any outsider who comes to visit me can try out Burma Super Star. Myanmar cuisine is a speciality of the area, as I don't think it's very much appreciated outside the Bay Area. When you come to Burma Super Star, get yourself prepared for powerful aroma. Favourites are tealeaf lettuce, plata and dipping, super-star prawns and coir riceps.

Burmese superstar made me like cloves! This means the perfect pieces of toasted aroma that spice up their famous tealeafs. I liked the texture mix in the tealeaf lettuce, but I was more fascinated by the coir ride here. but I' m still wondering how they added the smooth taste to the paddy sauce - is it stewed in coir milks?

It is also covered with gold shallot, delicious. Me and my boyfriend also got the pasta coconuts, which were fine. I' d rather have eaten pasta than flours. Also, the site suggested pigs' dried curries, which turned out to be our favourite food of the evening, especially those with travel.

When I come back, I'd leave out the lettuce, get some sherbet and cocco and try some pasta.

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