Burma Star Restaurant

Myanmar Star Restaurant

The B Star is a friendly neighborhood restaurant on Clement Street in San Francisco. This is exactly what it's like when you're a very popular restaurant that doesn't take reservations. We will confirm that you can have this restaurant delivered. Myanmar restaurant in Oakland, California. A new Burmese cookbook, Burma Superstar, named after Desmond's Bay Area Restaurant, has been published by Tan and food author Kate Leahy.

Dish of the day: Burma superstar Rainbow salad

The rainbow salad at the Burma Superstar Restaurant at Clement St. in San Francisco. **Rainbow Salad, Burma Superstar, Bonnie Wach Mandatory information for the San Francisco Chronicle and the fotographer. With this new bullishness I went to Burma Superstar and ordered everything new I could find.

As a long-time faithful admirer of Mandalay, one of the other Burma based restaurant in town, and being both accustomed and risk-averse, I was not prepared to turn away from my regime of Mandalay's tealeaf lettuce and lamb-potatocury. Each one here seems to have an object to pledge on, from superstar pasta - a cute, acidic and tangy maze of room temp pasta thrown with toofu, cucumbers, potatoes, kale and shrimps fried in a zippery chilli gravy - to pumpkin-shrimp-soup, a slowly boiled pan of stewed, fleshy, green-skinned gourdish seeds mixed with yumbo shrimps in an earthy pudding.

At the top of the menu are the salads: tealeaf, gingerbread and the famous rainbowalad. They are all good, but Rainbow is an essential - an artistically designed and colourful lettuce with 22 different ingredients thrown together at the table for your enjoyment. It is a real feast for the taste buds - alternating crispy and smooth, acidic and sugary, savoury, nutty as well as slick.

These include: two types of pasta, white pasta, vermicelli, crispy grilled cloves, potato cubes, hot peppers, dry prawns, roast onion, parsley, grilled chillies, mashed yellows, coriander, crisps and kale. "The rainbow salad is one of those meals that lasts forever," says Joy Lee, the proprietor.

" Lees says that the notion of appetizers is a strange notion for the Myanmar folk, and that it is best to use rainbow salad along with a wide range of other meals, uncooked and boiled. "BURMA SUPERSTAR: 309 Clement St., San Francisco; (415) 387-2147, . hours: $8.75 rainbow salad.

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