Burma Snorkeling

Snorkelling in Burma

Snorkeling Burma on a dive safari to the Mergui Islands There are 5 liveaboard trips from Thailand to the Mergui Islands. There is a base ship for 4 days 4 nights or 6 days 6 nights cruise for up to 10 people. Snorkel, kayak and visit some of the locals. Mergui Archipelago's new route for 2017. Sail, kayak and snorkel for 6 days 5 nights from Nov.

to July from time to time to Kawthaung.

18 m long cruising boat for up to 12 persons, but more suitable for a smaller group or group. Privat charters from Phuket. Luxurious diving, yachting and snorkelling. The majority of the visitors are SCUBA dives, but snorkellers also get their money's worth. Burmese diving vessels from Thailand, which also take snorkellers.

For snorkelling and diving.

Diving. Diving & Snorkeling in Myanmar

Equipped with a beautiful western coastline and a shared boundary with the Andaman Lake, Myanmar is a diver's haven. Searching for unforgettable experiences and moments of joy for your holiday is now possible by scuba diving in Myanmar. There are a wide range of scuba excursions offered by various Myanmar tour operators, ranging from instructors, certified instructors, snorkel kits to all the necessary gear to observe ocean life and the wide range of underwater life such as saltwater fishing and reefs.

In Myanmar a dive excursion takes at least 4 nights, for example at Ngwe Saung Beach, about 7h from Yangon. Ngwe Saung Beach is situated on the Bengal Bay coastline and is littered with palms and stunning cocos. Instructors and their teams will professionally explore the high seas.

The Ngwe Saung Beach is home to a variety of seafish, seaweed and even the local deer. Two of Ngwe Saung's most visited dive spots are Birds Island and White Rock Island. Myeik Archipelago, also known as the Mergui Archipelago, which is made up of over 800 isolated islets in the Andaman sea, is located in the Tanintharyi Division in the south of Myanmar.

There are only those who can stay in this area, who are living in the ocean and on board a boat, the salons or the gypsies of the Moken. Unlike the Salones, there are still many unspoilt coral cliffs to be explored in Myanmar's oceans. Dive spots in the Myeik Archipelago are Black Rock, Burma Bank, Western Rocky, North Twin Island, Three Islet and Shark Cave.

Route manager organize a programme to support divers in Myanmar. For those who want to have a good level of training for every Myanmar trip, there are training programs. There is also a broad variety of scuba instruction, from introductory scuba instruction to ultimate scuba instruction with the help of our rescue and instructor team.

Please note that only persons over 12 years of age are allowed to take part in this programme. Snorkelling and diving is open to those who want to discover the beautiful scenery underwater with a make-up, snake and flipper. You need to know how to clear snorkelling waters and float with your flippers, and how to use the hyperventilating technology during respiratory arrest.

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