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Pokémon hunters from Burma invade religious sites

Eagerly pursuing avatars on cell phones' monitors brings Pokémon followers into the context of different places of cult. About RANGOON - The eager persecution of avatars via cell phones displays has led urbane Pokémon pursuers into the connections of various cult sites, leading to a courteous eviction order in a taped case in a Mandalay tank.

Pokemon Go, an August Day realism pack designed by Niantic of San Francisco for Android and Apple equipment, was introduced last week-end in Burma's main towns, Rangoon and Mandalay, as part of a roll-out in Southeast Asia. Gamers use Pokémon's Pokémon and their own two legs to browse places with Nidoran, Raticate, Rattata, Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Gastly, Pidgey and Tangela.

In the beginning, Burmese gamers had problems with the game's GNSS functionality, and some found it not compatible with their mobile devices - although most problems seem to be solved now. Pokemon "gym" rooms, where Pokemon "trainers" can compete, are situated in key locations such as People's Park, City Hall and Kandawgyi Park in Rangoon.

Looking for new Pokémon, Burma's metropolitan actors - especially young people of both sexes - they were seen hunting in Buddhist couples, church and mosque. Pokemon hunters should pay attention to their religious and cultural heritage when hunting Pokémon," said Bone Pyae Sone, a 26-year-old Pokémon hunter in Rangoon. His assumption was that if gamblers did not alter their behaviour, a pagoda could soon wear signs forbidding the pursuit of Pokémon.

"The gamblers should be careful to play Pokémon at nights. Pedestrian cell telephones are confiscated by highwaymen on motorcycles in some cities. Because it' a friendly player, it's better to look for Pokémon in groups," says Htoo Tay Zar.

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