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Burma or Mrauk U. Burma is a country that can be discovered mainly by foreign tourists. Pages in category "World Heritage Sites in Myanmar". Do we lack a unique food or drink in Myanmar (Burma)? When visiting Buddhist religious sites, respect religious customs.

Ecotourism in Myanmar, Burma.

Historic Sites in Myanmar

The purpose of this section is to introduce some of Myanmar's remarkable historic places to the reader. One will find that the antique places are more characterized by their monuments of spiritual importance than by other perceivable remnants. First, Myanmar, allegedly Buddhist, is wasting its excess riches in the construction of Buddhist institutions, whose act is considered one of the safest ways to earn merits in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism.

Second, most SECONDARY HOMES, especially residential ones, have never been constructed of permanent material such as bricks or stones, as wooden, straw and straw constructions are suitable for the heat and are simpler and more economic to construct than stonework. There are also plenty of material available throughout the whole land.

Myanmar is also inherently unassuming or unassuming and very comfortable in keeping with the ancient tradition of wood house life, while the walls are designed solely for faith. Until the 19th c., buildings were also always made of wood and only a few brick flats were later added to the Mandalay-Palast.

There are countless couples of all age groups in the whole of Myanmar and it is no wonder that Myanmar is commonly known as the "land of couples". Therefore, it goes without saying that the presentation of the historic places in Myanmar focuses on them. It is not the intention, on the other side, to tell the story of the people in any way or to go into the architectonic detail of each of the monuments worth mentioning.

Like in many places, Myanmar has mixed its past with tradition and conviction. As a rule, the foundation of towns and the construction of sacred memorials, which sometimes represent important milestones in the nation's past, are shrouded in ancient tradition to underline their ancient or significant character. Asoka and some contemporary Stupa are ascribed to Alaungsithu.

Confutable connotations must be neglected; but sometimes the conventional backdrop with sensational overtones goes far beyond understanding the changes of an evolving country and the development of its monuments and statues. A more or less chronicle of the different places' historic epochs is presented.

In cases where the site involves more than one historic time, however, it is dealt with in the later times when it has become more important in the nation's past, with reference to its origin. Some of the places are hard to reach, but it is not right to omit them for this reason: their involvement, it is believed, would give the readers a broader view of the antique places throughout the land and thus fulfil the purposes of this group.

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