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Sites in Burma

The Golden Rock (locally known as Kyaiktiyo Paya), one of Burma's holiest sites, has a gilded exterior and seems to overcome gravity. Several of Myanmar's best snorkeling spots are located in the southern archipelago of Mergui and nearby Burma Banks. Myanmar Burma Tours - Famous Places and Hidden Mysteries

The Burma, (Myanmar) Tours - Family Sites and Hidden Secrets - is a 4-week guided trip through Burma's renowned and remote, destination in this intriguing, scenic and still very ancient area. Starting with the shattering colorful buildings and the sparkling Yangon Floors, the journey continues via the historical Mandalay and the impressive Bagan Temple to the Shan State and Lake Inle mountaine.

As we head eastwards, our southerly section leads to the Drama of the Golden Rock and the stunning sites and beautiful landscapes of the little-used Mon and Karen states. Cruise up the Salween and down the Irrawaddy; take the locomotive to Bago and even occasionally go by car and horses and of course along the way you' ll explore Burma's unparalleled food and see many of the extremely hospitable people.

This is a beautiful and extensive trip through this beautiful land. It' relaxing before a stroll through the town and a picturesque Rangoon River ship ride at sundown. Additional overnight stays in Yangon before or after the trip are available on demand. Transport Yangon: Boats, walks, meals:

Transport Yangon: Minibus, train, stroll, meals: B, L, D, early birding to Mandalay and visiting the old town of Ava (Inwa), the former capitol of the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries. Explore the destroyed town, temple and village by horses and carriages before visiting the prestige Mahamuni Paya and the legendary U Bein Beach - the world's longest wooden deck - at sundown.

Transport: Minibus, plane, boat, walk, meals: B, L, D, day trip to the old Pyin U Lwin mountain terminal on the outskirts of the Shan Plateau. We will plan our way back to sundowner on the Mandalay riverbank with stunning view over the Irrawaddy River.

Transport: Minibus, walking, meals: B, L, D, early bird's eye view, early bird drive down the Irrawaddy to Bagan; boucolic riverbank scenery, rural scenery and a great way to get into the town. At the end of the day, orienteering and sundown at the site of the destroyed metropolis of the eleventh to thirteenth centuries - still with over 2,000 cheedis, Stupa and Pagoda, which are spread over a plains of a stream; certainly one of the most unbelievable places of South-East Asia!

Transport: Bagan: Minibus, boat, meals: B, L, D, Morning led excursion with the afternoons free to attend Bagan in your free time. Equipped with a card, helmet and flare (to explore the temple's secret stairs), cycle the roads, rent a fringe and a snare, go to the most famous temple or find your own Chedi in hiding.

Transport: Bagan: The first stop is Mount Popa, one of the holiest places in the land, situated on the cones of an extinguished lava that towers out of the lower levels almost perpendicularly and dramaturgy. We will have a delicious luncheon before a picturesque ascent of the plateau itself to our goal, the small village and the old mountain terminal of Kalaw.

Transport: Kalaw: Minibus, walking, meals: B, L, D, Moorning hiking tour through the nearby rolling countryside to one of the Palaung hills tribal hamlets; a picturesque hiking tour, panoramic view of the mountains, visiting the hamlet and the opportunity to encounter some of its smiley people. After lunch we' ll be back in Kalaw with enough free day to stroll through the small city, maybe exploring the open air markets or sitting in a nearby teashops and watching the whole wide open air game?

Transport: Kalaw: Going, eating: B, L, day excursion through the beautiful landscape of the Shan Plateau with one of the village farmer's market before going to the city of Pindaya to the spectacular Shwe Umin cavern temple. After lunch we head to Nyaung Shwe - the gate to the renowned Inle Lake.

Inle ("Nyaung Shwe") Transport: Minibus, walking, meals: B, L, D, day excursion around the scenic pond with a visit to a local fisherman' s fair, a traditionally hand-rolled Cheeroot plant, fishermen' s hamlets, a charming batch making venture and of course the most extraordinary swimming garden. Inle (!) Transport:

Boot, food: B, L, D, in the mornings we will depart across the beautiful lakeshore of Dein, from where we will walk through the scenic countryside to see the site of a destroyed Shan town known as Shan Bagan, where countless destroyed stupa cover the luxuriant bush.

Arrival in Nyaung Shwe for dinner and an afternoons free time. Transport: Boat, walks, meals: B, L, Free Lake Inle mornings to do your own thing; bike to the exceptional Red Mountain Winery, stop at the nearby markets, take a trip to a nearby town in a kayak or just enjoy relaxing in a teashop before returning to Yangon in the afternoons.

Transport Yangon: Plane, stroll, meals: B, D, take the commuter railway to the old Mon-capitol Pegu, now Bago, & on to Kyaiktiyo - the Golden Rock. Yes, the rock covered in a layer of golden leaves, counterbalanced on a peak, is a spectacle, but it is the whole event that is so unforgettable.

Gold Rock Transport: Minibus, train, stroll, meals: On the way, stop to see some of the most stunning cavern shrines and warm water sources and discover the busy and welcoming city for yourself in the afternoons, before visiting a gorgeous riverfront marina at sundown. Accommodation: Hpa-an Transport: Minibus, walking, meals:

B, L, D, Hpa-an is encircled by a spectacular chalk karstic landscape with the holy Zwegabin Mountain - icon of Karen State - and we will be spending the whole afternoon crossing the region's caverns, galleries, tunnels, churches and hills by street, canoe and on feet, as well as some of the Karen region's historic Karen towns.

Accommodation: Hpa-an Transport: Minibus, walking, meals: B, L, Early mornings depart for a cruise on the picturesque Salween River to Moulmein, (now Mawlamlyine), with a stop in a fishermen's hamlet on the way to the Karen River. Attend a bustling fair before watching the sun set on one of the marble towers with views of the city and the Gulf of Martaban.

Mawlamlyine / Moulmein Transport: Boats, walks, meals: B, L, D, Off by ferry for a full excursion to Bilu Kyun, ('Ogre Island'), where we will explore the very old Mon towns and some of the village's handicraft and metallurgical industry. After lunch you' re back in Moulmein for some sundowner in a cafe by the water?

Mawlamlyine / Moulmein Transport: Taxi, boat, food: B, L, We start with a stop at the city's bustling early bird markets before headin' down to some of the region's attractions: The Kyauktalon Pagoda sits enthroned on a lime stone cliff, the biggest Buddha in the whole wide expanse - Win Sein Taw Ya - a stop in Thanbyuzayat, the final stop of the notorious'death train' from Kanchanaburi, while we not least pay a short stop at the legendary Kyaikkami Monastery in the old city of Amherst, which rises into the ocean on a rocky promontory.

Situated on Setse Beach Transport: Minibus, walking, meals: Before we continue our trip to Dawei, the former Tavoy, we stop at the charming banana mountain temples and the rural river bank town. Transport: Minibus, walking, meals: B, L, D, Our daily trip through Dawei begins with another bustling water front before we head to the peninsula of Dawei.

In Southeast Asia there can't be many such dramatic, but so little evolved coastlines, so come back now and in 10 years, you' ll be able to recall what its fishermen's towns, abandoned coves, and seafront couples looked like! Transport: Minibus, walks, meals: Then in the afternoons, we take a stroll through the roads that have hardly been altered in 70 years and enjoy the sundown from one of the hilltops.

Meik ("Mergui") Transport: Minibus, walking, meals: B, L, D, A captivating days on the roads and by sea to discover some of the region's local traditions, such as the cultivation of lobsters and soft-shells, the manufacture of bird's nests, a boatyard in an old fashioned tradition and an unusual trip to a cashhew-fabrik.

Meik ("Mergui") Transport: Minibus, walking, meals: B, L, D, For our last days in Myeik we are offering, if the wheather permits, an option of a boating trip through some of the countless islands of the Mergui Archipelago. Meik ("Mergui") Transport: Boats, walks, meals: The tour ends in Yangon in the evening.

Additional accommodations after the Yangon trip or Ngapali or Ngwe Saung beaches are available on demand. Depart Transport: Airplane, food: Yangon's colorful scenery, Mandalay's U Bein Bridge, Bagan, Lake Inle, mountain resorts, the Golden Rock, Hpa-an, old harbours of Moulmein, Tavoy and Mergui, Irrawaddy and Salween River tours.......

Two days boat trip around the breathtaking Inle Lake; village by lake, swimming garden, temple. Lashing of genuine indigenous food, teashops, beer stalls and huge amounts of very nice people! Myanmar: Please note: As an impartial traveler you are NOT a group. Visas are available at the Asia Plaza in Rangoon c/o Tours Mandalay (our groundhandler).

Passports should be in force for at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Burma. This expansions fit well to this trip..... This is what our guests have to say about their experiences on this trip..... "We have just come back from Burmese sights and mysteries.

Congratulation on a very pleasant trip, and thank you for all your help and advices before we set off. It was a great whole trip and we really loved it. "It was a nice trip with something new every single second. We' d like her to become our guide again!

Mark is an authority in his area and' Mr Po' is a nice, informatively organised and friendly locals guidebook and has made the journey very pleasant. "``Read to reserve your ride?

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