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Sights of Burma

Where to Stay Discover the best attractions in Myanmar including Shwedagon Paya, Mandalay Hill, Bagaya Kyaung. Sightseeing in Sri Lanka, Bombay & Burma Cruise. Places of interest of Sri Lanka, Bombay & Burma Cruise. Sightseeing - Lake County - Burma Rim Air Crash Museum; At this point.

Wipaporn Guide Ord is your key to icons and off-grid wonders on All Points East's Burma Famous Sites and Hidden Secrets Tour.

Be enchanted by Burma's secret miracles and mysterious sights.

Our astonishing A Kay tour guides have made sure that we have wrapped up a dozen of breathtaking sights and unbelievable adventures. Yangon - once known as Rangoon - is home to one of Myanmar's most popular attractions, the lofty Shwedagon Pagoda. Near by Yangon is the Gravitational Golden Rock Pagoda - a huge rock with a glittering stupa that rises unsteadily on a outcrop.

It is a spectacle, especially at sundown, and no matter how many years the rocks on its basis have rocked, you can't help but be a little bit jumpy when you are underneath. Coming from Yangon we took a brief northern direction to Mandalay. Kuthodaw is home to the world's biggest volume in the Kuthodaw Pagoda, where 729 single chests contain parts of a holy text sculpted in stones.

These elaborately sculpted marble carvings line up around a wonderful gold pagoda and one can easily get lost between the elegance of the series. It is also worthwhile to drive up Mandalay Hill to see the sunset over the enormous castle and the town' s cobbles. Passing churches and towns, it was the ideal way to go after a full sightseeing program.

At the end of the morning, the old, stunning town of Bagan awaited us. Over 2,000 gorgeous churches, shrines and convents are spread over an area of 26 sqm. In place of the shiny golden palagodas found in the remainder of Myanmar, crumbly brickwork structures are rising from the green as if they had sown there.

Unfortunately the bad wheather means that we miss the air photograph and instead went to one of the highest temple to see the sights emerging from the mists. The last stop before returning to Yangon was Inle Lake, a wide body of waters with swimming pools and dockyards.

Burmese are well known for their verdant teas, but this is not the only beverage the Burmese are good at. Returning to Yangon for a last look at the Shwedagon Pagoda and a last gift shop before going home. Traveling with G Adventures offered the ideal mixture of adventures and adventures with the certainty that everything was planned and looked after.

DO: Just think of the rule in your temple - no boots, no trousers, no sleeveless mufflers. Classic Myanmar Adventure costs from 1,649pp for a 14 day journey back from Yangon.

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