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Myanmar Shwe Video

Shwe Htoo played a role as an actor in this music video. Burmese Senior General Than Shwe. Saw Sandaw Pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar, Burma royalty-free stock video and stock footage. Burma Than Shwe's daughter's Myanmar wedding (video). The Mingalar Inn in Nyaung Shwe offers free WiFi access in all areas.

Ex-Myanmar army mayor Than Shwe'supports new leader'.

Friday's Friday session between the two was unveiled by General Than Shwe's grandchild, who was acting as mediator. In a Facebook mail, he said the meet had taken two and a half hour. Suu Kyi brought her National League for Democracy (NLD) in November a dramatic electoral win. Aung cited him at the meeting:

There have been discussions between all the major Myanmar stakeholders over the past few weeks. Suu Kyi has previously said to the BBC that she would find a presidency if necessary, but "that will not stop me from making all the choices as head of the victorious party". In 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi-'The Woman' received the Nobel Peace Prize for'her non-violent fight for democracies and people.

Elaborate marriage videotape arouses indignation

A 10-minute video on the web shows the Thandar Shwe girl in pearl strata and glittering rocks that look like diamond and stand next to her man as he cascades bubbles of wineglasses. Following a welcome for hundred of visitors, during which a five-storey weddin' tart is sliced, the lucky pair poses in front of an artistically decorated marriage couch with a baldachin reaching up to the roof.

The July marriage was the theme of the city in Yangon, the former Burmese city, even before the tape appeared, amidst stories of presents such as $50 million in luxurious automobiles and homes - almost three time the 2005 healthcare budgets for a 53 million people. "I' ve never seen so many gems - although they were a little yellow," said a Yangon citizen, noticing an obvious shortage of flavor in comparison to the yearly partying hosted by former Ne Win, the former diktator, for his favourite subsidiary.

Having seen the cherry-sized cliffs around her throat, Yangon Wagg's call the chick Thandar "being," which means diamonds in Myanmar. She is married to Zaw Phyo Win, a majority member of the Armed Forces and Assistant Manager in the Ministry of Commerce. "It' s monstrous, just monstrous, especially when you consider that most people in Burma are living in a state of absolute poverty," said Aung Zaw, publisher of Irrawaddy, a Thailand-based journal that treats Myanmar, one of the impoverished Asian nations, after four centuries of maladministration by a number of warlords.

He added that the creation of the seemingly formal marriage tape could even be an effort to disparage Than Shwe, the 73-year-old "Senior General", who wanted to present himself in the public press as a man of humble means. "Marriages have a mysterious policy behind them, so I wonder why this tape was released," said Aung Zaw.

Than Shwe is walking stiff at his daughter's side in a stiffly forefront in a long, strong piece of clothing and a long-gyi, a traditionally coloured wrapper, in the wedding videotape of the wedding ceremonies, which take place in a state lobby in Yangon. The film also offers unparalleled tealeaves for analyst who want to explore the inner life of the regime, one of the most cohesive in the underworld.

"In the bylaws, Than Shwe and his second-in-command stood at one desk and all the other members of the Burmese military regime at a very remote one. This says a great deal about the hierarchy," said Soe Aung of the National Council of the Union of Burma in Bangkok. Among Myanmar's exiled there is talk of Than Shwe resigning to take a more solemn stance as president for life.

You can watch the movie at www.irrawaddy.org/bur/thandar_shwe.html.

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