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Nam-joo, Nay Toe Wit Mhone Shwe Ye. Cynthia: Ma Shwe Sin Win: " The Source of Trouble" (courtesy of the Shwe Gas movement). " My name, Shwe, means gold in Burmese. This household is headed by Senior General Than Shwe, now the leader of Burma's military government.

Names used locally in a multinational community

She ignored her father's LinkedIn inquiry when Ma Shwe Sin Win (Cynthia) got it - because she didn't know it was from him. Ma Shwe Sin Win will reflect on name practice and think about what happens on a local level when we implement standards on a world level.

Cynthia is now located in Singapore and administers the relationship of FX Connect and Currenex customers for State Street Global Exchange in Southeast Asia. She is also a member of the Professional Women's Network of State Street Singapore Executive Board.

The Shwe Gas Projekt is setting a'bad example' for Burma investments

China's disputed Shwe Gas is a poor example of Burma's commodity industry investment in the near term and should be postponed until real regulation reform, according to a new Mon. cit. bul. cit. A 43-page Shwe Gas Movement (SGM) document serious abuse of the junta-era plan, which includes hard labor, colonization, pollution, and aggravation of racial tension.

The 800-kilometer -long tunnel that runs through the west Arakan state and the conflict-torn north Shan plain on its way to China has seen an inundation of violations since its inception. Errors in the pipelines, which began with the production of natural gases at the end of July, have already been announced. The following is an April interim review by the North Shan Farmers Committee, which includes photos of apparent gaps that mark the pipe.

"They' repaired the punctures in the pipe with elastic patch like a puncture," the story says. The SGM says that the Shwe gas scheme will create a hazardous case for overseas investment coming into the state unless important regulative issues - involving mechanism for benefit-sharing and policy federation - are raised.

The SWG co-ordinator Wong Aung called it a "critical" period for Burma's commodity world. The SGM cautioned that Burma's recent undertaking to endorse the Extraractive Industries Transparancy Initiative (EITI) - a worldwide transparent framework for the world' s resources industry - would probably give the go-ahead for new investment ahead of schedule. Thein Sein has given Burma until December to file its EITI bid, which opponents have described as "arbitrary".

The most important aspect of Burma's bid is the establishment of a multi-stakeholder working group (MSG) representing the country's countless civic voice, and many campaigners say they need more preparation work. He admitted that it would not be possible to have a "full or participatory" debate by December, but he stressed that it should be seen as an on-going exercise with controls and equilibria along the way.

"When there is any effort to restrict civic involvement in Burma's civic sector, it means that Burma is unwilling to put into practice EITI," he said, and added that Burma's proposal would be denied by the Burmese administration. Burma, which is gradually emergent from decade-long armed forces, is full of precious stones, mineral resources, crude petroleum and off-shore mineral resources valued at 10 trillion cf.

However, most of the country's physical assets are in the fragile areas of national minorities, such as Shan and Kachin states, where rebel and G AF forces are still meeting. In 2008, the country's constitutional process largely excluded ethnical states from making policy decisions on the management of biological assets, fueling mistrust and conflicts between rebel minorities and NCG.

Burma came last in a comprehensive survey on the management of the country's resources at the beginning of the year. Shwe Gaz Line is a 50-year USD 54 billion Burma annual $1.8 billion project between the state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and the Myanma Oil and Gaz Enterprises (MOGE).

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