Burma Seasons

Myanmar Seasons

It is unlikely to rain in the cool and hot seasons. Rain - June to October is the monsoon season with high rainfall. You should book your accommodation and transport in time for this hectic travel season. Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate. Burmese Bar by Javier de las Muelas at the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle Thailand.

What makes it better to come to Myanmar in the rainy season?

Myanmar's rain period is from May to early October. This is a traditional low tourist seasons in Myanmar. Myanmar in the midst of the July rains. On my 5 day journey to Myanmar I came to the conclusion that it is actually very beautiful to see Myanmar in the raintime.

If you are travelling during the rain period, there is not much rain and the climate is chilly, so it is much more pleasant. In the low seasons it is usually less expensive to go to any destination, including Myanmar. In Heho International Heho International Airfield, the closest airports to Lake Inle, the resort is even promoting its more affordable rain period package, which has been dubbed the charming "Drizzle Relax Package".

I' m not sure if it's because Myanmar's tourist industries are just beginning, but there weren't many overseas visitors when we were there. However, during my 4 day stay in Myanmar (two of them at Inle Lake) I only had less than three gnat stings. But according to scientific evidence, mosquitos can also travel in the rain.

I can' t say if Myanmar midges don't like my hair or if it was really the rainfall! How about the disadvantages of a visit to Myanmar during the wet seasons? Photographs on a crowded or wet night are not as good as light, sunshiny nights, but they do give the photographs a melancholic look.

When it rains heavily, you will need to take an Umbrella with you for your sight-seeing. When you visit the landscape, it is very likely that the floor will not be cobbled and you will end up with extra slippery boots after a stroll. It is best to use your flip-flops at a time like these so that you can wash your legs well.

The advantages of a trip to Myanmar during the wet seasons predominate for me. Take this opportunity to explore Myanmar from SGD418 only!

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