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Best seaside resort in Myanmar, overview & photos. Silk: Discover the best beaches in the UK[text]. They plan your tailor-made tour in Burma with handpicked local tour operators. The BurmaMorgan Bay and Vero Beach color Morgan Bay conjures up the tranquility of life by the sea. The capital of the Taninthayi Division in the coastal region of southern Myanmar, Dawei is a seaside resort ten miles from Dawei.

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The Kyaikkami Pagoda: An excursion by the sea of a special kind

Charlotte, a travelling advisor, recently came back from another journey to Burma, where she investigated a few more extraordinary events for our clients. Here she writes about her stay at the Kyakkami Yele Pagoda - a rather uncommon seaside resort! The Kyaikkami Yele Pagoda (also called Kyaik-kami Ye Le Paya) is an extraordinary target as it was built at the seas!

Linked to the country by a long passage, the marina itself sits on a bed of cliffs, with overlapping shafts and even submerged passages at higher sands. Kyaikkami is located in Burma's southeast, two hours by car from the city of Mawalmyine, half an hours away from Thanbyuzayat, home of the recently opened Death Railway Museum.

These two places can be used in combination for an interesting excursion during a visit to Mawlamyine. While the interior of the podium is not unusual (like many other podiums in the country), the place itself is a place of worship, where the innovation of its off-country setting is as thrilling for natives as it is for visitors.

It consists of a Buddha reliquary, a small convent and a lookout point overlooking the ocean - a hot spot for young couple who want to observe the sundown. This is a legendary choice to make the cloakroom. Buddha is believed to have come to the area many thousand years ago and was sitting on the rock where he gave 11 of his hair to the king's 20 hair offspring to preserve them as relicts.

Ten of the children immediately erected a couch to worship these relicts. There' s another interesting tale connected with the cloakroom. Far back in the annals of the earth, a kings decision to hover four Buddha sculptures with relicts from the Sri Lanka area.

Believing that they would go to places where other relicts had already been found, he arrives in Kyaikkami as foreseen. Supposedly this sculpture is in a cabinet under the podium - but since it is not accessible to the public, it is still a tale of legends and rumours.

Despite the authentical nature of the legend of the origins of the pagoda, its importance for Buddhists is evident. Add another convent and podium to a journey to a country where abbeys and podiums make up 90% of the attraction may seem like a bizarre notion, but the uncommon backdrop of this swimming ship provides some different perspectives and great onlookers!

Please ask us how you can come and see us - Mawalmyine is part of our Kipling's Burma travel plan and a full days out to Kyaikkami can simply be made.

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