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Hannah, a Southeast Asian specialist, shares her selection of temples in Burma (Myanmar) far away from Bagan. Latest news and comments about Myanmar. Responsibility is the only way to end the violence in Myanmar. Who exactly is he? A Zika infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects.

Myanmar, Burma's temple beyond Bagan

Whenever you are in Burma, you are only a few steps away from a sanctuary. Burma lives by its buddhistic beliefs and has constructed the means to adore in any environment. About 4,000 monasteries are rising from the Bagan plains. They are the counterpart of the Angkor Wat countryside, and when you go to Burma for the first utterly unexpected.

But apart from Bagan, I chose three of Burma's other central temples, which talked to me in different ways when I researched them, and demonstrated how diverse and wide-ranging the Burmese were as building temples. Shwedagon' s huge gold pagoda is almost 100 meters high and towers high above the vast Yangonskaya.

Wherever you are in the town, you can choose this pit cher from the old townhouses. It is one of the biggest and holiest places of worship in Burma. If you visit Shwedagon, don't be shy to ask your tour leader to do some research for 10 mins. or so.

Siwedagon is the most beloved Buddhist sanctuary in the land for good reason: Buddha's eightha. It is a place that draws many people and I found it intriguing to see them show their abandon. There are eight different animal sculptures in the sanctuary - one for each of the days of Burma's weeks, Wednesday being divided into two parts.

You will need a few in the Shwedagon Pagoda and I suggest a visit just before sundown, as the skies change from dark green to violet and eventually fall into the dark with the gold turrets glittering in the sun. It is also a calmer, colder and more convenient part of the night to discover the site.

The former settlement of Yangon is located in southern Burma and is the gate to the state. SWEDAGON Pagoda is just a brief cab drive from downtown Yangon. It is often part of a sightseeing tour and a tour leader will show you the way. When you are alone you should note that the sanctuary has four entranceways that you can access from each of them.

Getting to the Shwedagon Pagoda at the best part of the year is very much dependent on how you want to do it. In order to miss the masses of people, you' ll be travelling to Burma between October and November. During this period the land is just emerging from the verdant seasons and the temple's gold towers gleam against a luxuriant verdant background.

The Shwedagon Festival is held between January and February. Crowds of followers come to the sanctuary to chant, dances and celebrates their belief in oneness. This was a strenuous but exciting period to attend. The Planteur, a delicious place to eat and drink in France, is only seven min. by cab from Shwedagon.

The second most important Buddhist sanctuary in Burma, some Buddhists believe that the Lord Buddha himself lives here in the casting bronce sculpture. It is an essential part of every trip to the marsh. I' ve also attended the workshop on the stairs that lead to the sanctuary.

The Mandalay is the home of the Mahu Muni Pagoda. Known as Burma's culture capitol, it is located in the centre of the nation, just 75 minutes by plane from Yangon. At 4 am every day, the main friar enters the sanctuary and washes the face of the Bronze Buddha. This is not only a calmer period, but from times to times the friar will allow the observers to take some of the residual sacred mantle.

From the Mahu Muni Pagoda, a brief cab journey away, A Little Bit of Mandalay Restaurants serve local dishes such as Moringa sopa. At the western shore of Lake Inle, the Indein Temple is a collection of several hundred stupa that are eaten up by the outdoors. It is a pleasure to photograph these churches in front of all the other churches in Burma.

First of the monasteries were constructed in the twelfth and twelfth centuries by the Prince of Shan (the state where Lake Inle is located) with an almost childish shortage of plans until the eighteenth cent. They are very similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and one of the best ways to appreciate their size and size is from the top of the hills.

Situated at the bottom of the hill with a view of the sea, the temple is accessed by a cruise along the canal. I would suggest the Inle Lake View Resort, where each room has its own balconies and an uninterrupted view of the lakes. It is best to go to Inle Lakes during the drought between November and March.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, which is held around October, is a true must for those who have nothing against the growing crowd. Throughout this period, the visitor will see dancing shows and funfairs, and a gold plated ship parade around the sea with adored pictures of the Buddha. Rowboats use their feet instead of their hands to turn their rudders, a technology that' s one of a kind on the pond.

Lakeside living is constantly evolving and so the best part of the night to go to the sanctuaries changes. It is advisable to take off your boots and boots before you enter a sanctuary.

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