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The modern Burmese standard has changed more than most dialects compared to the old Burmese; the Arakanese dialect is particularly conservative. Amnesty says Rohingya fighters massacred Hindus in Myanmar. The Burma Human Rights Network (BHRN) is committed to human rights, minority rights and religious freedom in Burma. It is an historic day in Burma, members of Aung San Suu Kyi's party are sitting in parliament for the first time.

Things are worsening under Myanmar's military regime.

U.S. Senate Committee targets Burma for atrocities against Rohingya

Republicans and Democrats voted unanimously in a major US Senate commission last night to back important new laws to combat the dreadful worsening of Burma's HR situation last year, in particular the unbridled attacks on the Muslim community of Rohingya. There was a wide cross-party agreement on the need for a postponement of US policies towards Burma.

The Senate Foreign Relations Commission dealt with the Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act on Wednesday and adopted it without objection. We now need a full Senate ballot. The adoption of the law would show the US's deep concerns about the state of affairs since the end of August 2017, when the Myanmar army started a violent rape and ethnical cleanup drive in Rakhine State in West Burma and committed large-scale murders, rape, indiscriminate detentions and arsonist attacks in several hundred predominantly Rohingya communities.

Over 700,000 Rohingya were evicted to neighbouring Bangladesh, while many others were driven inside Burma. In the Senate Bill, p. 2060, it will strengthen the US government's power to tightly targeted penalties and travelling limits for those involved in the abuse of armed forces and other forms of safety, as well as commanding and controlling forces in the war.

A bill change tabled by Senator Edward Markey quotes Human Rights Watch's research on common rape and other sex and gender-based violations and urges the US administration to punish the participating commander. The Human Rights Watch noted that the recent horrors against the Rohingya were a crime against the human race, as were the 2012 attack on the people.

Sequential Myanmar authorities have been discriminating against the Rohingya for many years. The free circulation, accessibility to primary healthcare, training and job possibilities have been severely restricted. Meanwhile, the beginning of Burma's process of democracy is showing some sign of undermining. It has totally stalled attempts to end its constitutional rule in the administration and continues to commit serious abuse in other areas of ethnical minorities, block people' s entry into human rights organisations and cause massive expulsion.

So far, Burmese leaders, especially the Burmese army leaders, have been able to disregard diplomacy pressures to change their misuse policy.

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