Burma Rohingya Muslim Video

Myanmar Rohingya Muslim Video

The video file cannot be played. The Roots of the Rohingya Crisis video thumbnail: The Pope stands up for the persecuted Muslim group. They' re known as Rohingya or Burmese Muslims. The guerrillas in the video say, "Rohingya Arakan Muslim Zindabad.


The Arakan project's head of monitoring the Rakhine violent situation in Burma, Chris Lewa, said her organization had recorded the deaths of at least 130 persons in a village in the Rathedaung area. It added that there are accounts of three more towns where "dozens" of lives have been lost.

"At least 130 men have been murdered, we believe there is more," she said Newsday in the BBC World Service. We' have records of at least three more towns where at least a dozen men have been murdered, she added. "What we have found is that now, after the murders, the army and other civil men collect and burn the corpses so as not to give any evidence."

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They' re butchering us: Muslims of Rohingya fleeing Myanmar

Over 18,000 Rohingya Muslims, many ill and hurt, are fleeing the most violent force in years to conquer the North West of Myanmar, while another thousand are trapped on the Bangladesh frontier or on their way there. The Rohingya Muslims crawl on to Bangladesh hurt and traumatized. Fortunate people have made it across the frontier, but tens of millions have run aground in no man's country because the Bangladesh government refuses to let them through.

Over 18,000 men, wives and kids have escaped the Myanmar lawlessness in North Rakhine, where the military is severely beating the Muslim minorities after a series of insurrectionary assaults last weekend. "Burn homes and shoot men, they killed my husband," said Noor Symon, a Rohingya Muslim.

The far-away fumes from the frontier area are a permanent memory of the violent events in the Rohingya area. On Wednesday (30 August), in the trading capitol of Yangon, several hundred individuals - among them Buddhist friars - assembled to demonstrate against the insurgency that called on the army to take over Rakhine and defend the crosshairs of Buddhists.

More than 100 men, fighters, soldiers as well as civil men were murdered in the recent fighting, according to the Myanmar state.

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