Burma Rock Formation

Burmese rock formation

Prayer Mother and Son Rock Formation You can see the prayer figure of a baby and a mom when you look at them from the side. In order to see what makes this group" fantastic", bend your mind to the right until you see two characters, a mom and a boy who pray. The image shows a cliff on a Burmese ocean, which can only be seen once a year with a particular position of the earth's rays and lighting in it.

Lean to the leftside to see how amazing it is. This is a mirror picture of a prayer mum and a baby in the side. It is not a naturally occurring rocks in Burma (or elsewhere). It is a fictitious item from a children's book, as the Chinese illustrated artist Kim Jae-hong has render: "It's a fiction:

Also, some of the natural and cultural aspects of Korea are nicely reproduced in Kim's work. Describing the work itself (Children of the East River) in anticipation of its comeback, he can see with care that the writer has used shadow in the waters and its environment to show the fictional creatures in the work.

Photographs from the inside of the books show the illustrations in context: More pictures from this work can be seen in a corean diary.

See in Burma - Praying Mountain | Another joke

TimePass~ ( "by Bharat B & Parag S") got this'amazing' photo of a naturally occurring cliff at the edge of a Burmese pond. Even when you look at the painting, you tend to be surprised and astonished at how beautiful it is. Descriptive of the painting suggest and imply that this is the work of nature and we should preserve it.

Not because of the content of the painting, because it's a Hox. It was so astonishing that it was just too good to be real. confirming that this photo is indeed a Hox. Describe by e-mail hoax: It is a photo of a cliff near a Burmese pond.

This is a hoax-busting website that certifies that this is a HOAX: She writes: "It is not surprising, however, that the painting is indeed a work of artwork and does not represent an real world. This painting is a children's illustrated textbook by the famous Kim Jae-hong. You can see the photo and other similar artwork in the sequences in photos from the children's books on a blog posting in KORE.

This is a Korean blog'Reading in the Sky' (hopefully the translations are correct) with the current pages from the album. Again the name of the volume seems to be "Children of the East River". Then why does the e-mail indicate that this is somewhere in Burma? It is a very clever, urbane myth, because its maker settled it in Burma (Myanmar), a land that is almost entirely off -limits to the public and the tourist.

This makes it almost inconceivable to check the image's authenticity. We were lucky enough to spend a whole weekend in Burma in the early part of 1983. No one has ever said anything about this image or anything about it in the Lonely Planet Guide on Burma.

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