Burma Renamed

Myanmar renamed

His knowledge of the political situation in Burma, now Myanmar, is extensive. His new name is a derivation of the short name Myanma Naingngandaw, which tried to assimilate Burma's ethnic minorities. U.S.A.

of Burma and officially as Myanmar, by the current military government. US policy on Burma is stuck.

Myanmar woman not to shoot; AUNG SAN SUU KYI

THAT WEEK, in a truck jammed on a roadblock in Burma, a beached lady was sitting in the hot sun, her sight turned bright green from drying out and icterus, her BP was low as she tried to talk to an whole force. Two times last months, when Suu Kyi tried to hit her pro-democracy followers in the province, her vehicle was jammed by troops a few extra-mile from Burma's main city, Rangoon.

But apart from her steel will and charism, Suu Kyi has a legacy that is the subject of legends: her fathers Aung San was the maker of Burma's present-day and Burma's military. Overestimating the importance of Aung San would be hard both in Burma's recent past (renamed Myanmar by the military in 1989) and in Burma's psychic system.

He looked like Yul Brynner and was a quotixotic character fighting the Brits and Japanese to ensure Burma's sovereignty. Aung San may have imagined a self-determined policy for at least one of his kids. It is significant - and highly uncommon - that they were all called after him in Burma, where there are no Surnames.

A smart, sturdy lady who was very skilled in Burma policy. She was a registered medical practitioner when she saw Aung San during the Japan War. Soon after, she withdrew and decided to distanced herself from the political world by staying at her home on University Avenue in Rangoon.

Not an unknown person in the realm of policy, she later worked for the UN in New York. Between 1972 and 1988, Suu Kyi's lives were mainly about science and maternity, interrupted by visiting Burma. She cared for her mom in Rangoon this past summers against a background of increasing sentiments.

There was a federal strikes in August, forcing the army to resign. Khin Kyi's mom lived through several month, but she was poorly conscious of the massive democratic movements and the shedding of blood and mistreatment. Externally, her entry into Burma's political scene was as abrupt as dramatically.

However, she always indicated that she had a hunch it might be happening - and when she got engaged, she made her man pledge that he would not get in her way if she felt she had to go back to Burma. Half-a-million in Rangoon's Shwedagon Pagoda to listen to Aung San's daughter:

"that I don't know anything about Burma's policies. She founded the NLD with a number of enlightened ex-militaries - one of several hundred party leaders who were founded when the army approved a general elections. It began a relentless campaign by spreading the democratic messages throughout Burma, despite a prohibition of meetings of more than five in number.

NLD quickly became the most beloved political group in Burma, and the crowd poured out to listen to Suu Kyi while the army did its best to black out her name - and made particularly unpleasant comments about her marrying a newcomer. Throughout her six years of detention, she was sentenced to prison by several hundred NLD members, her political group won the parliamentary elections by an overwhelming majority and was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

In July 1995, when she was liberated, the atmosphere was electric - both within Burma and worldwide. She has had tremendous trouble with happy endurance since her liberation, not least because the army has for eight years declined to honor the election that should have put the National Democratic Party (NLD) in office.

And it was also difficult to rebuild their broken faction in the face of the spy soldiers of the MIA. Your interventions took on a touch of Gandhi and dealt more with ethical questions than a party-political diary. However, the meeting became unavoidable when the army blockaded the street to avoid what they called "unrest.

Aung San Suu Kyi's man has not received a Myanmar entry permit since Christmas 1995. It' s a huge one-to-one offering she has made - will Burma turn out to be dignified? Birth on 19 June 1945 in Rangoon, the then capitol of Burma, now Myanmar. Aung San, a Myanmar nationwide heroes who was murdered when she was two years old.

It says: I would rather not stay in the political arena if I can avert it.

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