Burma Region

Myanmar Region

The Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, Mon, Rakhine and Shan are regional languages. Burma is one of the three LDCs in the ASEAN region. The Indo-Burma Hotspot in tropical Asia is one of the biologically most important regions of the earth. This paper provides first-hand information on certain ethnomedical plants from an Indo-Burma hotspot region (Mizoram, NE India). China is now becoming an attractive partner for others in the region.

Myanmar area, Myanmar

Oberburma, geographical and historic partition of Burma (Myanmar), related to the middle and the north. In 1852-85, the separation between Upper and Lower Burma was strengthened when Lower Burma (which encompasses the southernmost peripheral regions of the country) became Britain. 1885 also Upper Burma came under the rule of the United Kingdom.

In contrast to Lower Burma at the coast, Upper Burma is regarded as the core of Burma and is approximately equivalent to the arid area of Burma, which lies in the rainy shade of the Arakan Mountains. This was the territory of the country's oldest Burmese village and was the estate of Burmese monarchs.

Oberburma is crossed by the Irrawaddy River to the south.

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Yangon's rich rural output and strategically located fruitful subtropical area to the southwest of Yangon has long been of great importance for trade. In 2008, it made global media coverage after being ravaged by Cyclone Nargis when the army regimes stalled external assistance and claimed to have the whole thing under review.

That exacerbated the already frightening picture and the formal number of deaths was 138,000, although in fact it was probably much higher. Much of the area has been shut down after the Cyclone but it is now fully open again, but most are rushing right through their juicy leafy paddy paddies and dozy cities on their way to the shores of Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung.

You can also take the Pathein shuttle, renowned for its handcrafted sunshades, before continuing to the beach. Myanmar's western coastline is situated just northern of the deltas. The first is the long and thin section of Rakhine State, which is divided from the eastern plain by hills, then Chin State and its frontier with Bangladesh.

Ngapali Beach is the most popular tourist resort in this part of the land, but it is a long, tough trip by coach and increasing resort rates have crushed everyone with a very tight budge. Mrauk U, the capitol of Rakhine, is of greater interest to most budgetary travelers when it was still a nation, but was shut down to visitors after the 2012 war.

It is also not possible to take a cruise from Mrauk U to Chin State until this happens, which has been the simplest way to see the less frequently used state without permission.

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