Burma Region

Myanmar Region

Reaction to infectious diseases in Burma and its border regions. Myanmar crosses the country from west to east. Burma/Myanmar is in another humanitarian crisis and is entering a new critical political phase. Part of Southeast Asia, Burma is part of a diverse and independent region that offers a range of opportunities for Britain. The" Asian values" of the military regime in Burma (or Myanmar) have little to do with democracy.

Areas at a glance in Myanmar (Burma)

Yangon's vast Shwedagon and Bago's abundance of sanctuaries, the water-bound Yele in Kyauktan and Pathein's Shwemokhtaw make the whole district ideal for those with a penchant for paid. The Yangon has an increasing offer of stores with high class crafts, bizarre heritage and real antiquities. Yangon's vibrant dining community has the best choice of Burma and overseas cuisine - from snacks from India to shan pasta to Mexico and Japan.

The Myeik Archipelago in southern Myanmar comprises more than 800 largely deserted islets, making it the country's if not the southeast Asian mainland's ultimately sought-after shores. There' are enough monasteries in and around Myanmar to keep you occupied for a life, but the undeniable landmark of the area is Mt Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) - a must for everyone in Myanmar.

You' ll probably never have ever known the Mon before, so let one of the superb guidebooks guide you through the clean cities, bathing temple and insular village surrounded by sweet palms. In Bagan there are thousand of shrines, but also the Nat at Mt Popa and the sanctuaries of Shwesandaw Paya in Taungoo, Shwesandaw Paya in Pyay and Shwemyetman Paya in Shwedaung.

Also known for its exquisite lacquerwork, manufactured in Myinkaba and New Bagan sheds. Take a look at the landscape from the top of Mt Popa or from one of the warm balloon that fly over Bagan at night. Myanmar's far eastern part of the nation has an extraordinary variety of cultures, including Myanmar.

Find out more about the Pa-O Aboriginal civilization around Lake Inle, or about the Shang civilization and languages and their resemblances with those of neighboring Thailand in Kyaingtong. A sojourn in the east of Myanmar is your opportunity to taste genuine instant noodles, from Shàn k'auq-s'wèh, Shan-style noodlesoup, to nga t'wèhjin, a curcuma-coloured ricecour.

More interesting than the beautiful monastery building of Mandalay are probably the older Stupa and temple at the locations of several older former main cities, among them the largest Mingun in the whole wide globe, if it had been completed. Myanmar's City of Culture features private folk dances, puppet shows and the famous Vaudeville songs of the Moustache Brothers.

With permissions and a larger public spending, fearless travelers can get deeply into Myanmar's Himalayan spurs from Putao. Dive into the intriguing culture of the area, which includes the Chinese towns of Lashio, Shan and Palaung around Hsipaw and the Kachin city of Myitkyina, where two of Myanmar's largest and most colorful "minority festivals" take place.

Temple and a dilapidated castle are over the luxuriant slopes of the ancient Rakhine capitol Mrauk U. Sittwe's huge Lokananda Paya and the teaak building of the Shwezedi Kyaung monastery ensemble are also notable.

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