Burma Region

Myanmar Region

Myanmar's west coast is north of the delta. The four remarkable new bombardier beetles are described and illustrated from the Indo-Burma region. Situated in tropical Asia, Indo-Burma is still unveiling its biological treasures: "As a delta region, Ayeyarwady should be prepared for earthquakes. Myanmar is a mountainous, heavily overgrown region with frequent cloud cover.

Burma Regions

Simultaneously the syntax of Ayeyarwady and Tanintharyi was modified to Ayeyawadi and Taninthayi. This changes the divisional regional level and includes Nay Pyi Daw as a trade unions area. This also changes the notation of two areas and drops the character "r". In 2008, the 2008 constitutional changes the divisional state.

They also define "trade unions areas", but only one such area is specifically designated: At the 06.11.2005 the goverment started a sudden move from Yangon to Pyinmana, in the department Mandalay. From 2005-11-12, the name of the new capitol was Nay Pyi Daw or Naypyidaw, Burmese for "successful capital" or "royal city".

A number of accounts say that the inhabitants of the area of the new capitol continue to call Kyetpyay, which means "fleeing chicken". Burmese changes its name to Myanmar. Burma was one of the Indian states in 1900.

As of 1989-06-19, the British authorities applied for the name UOM to be used in English. Burma is subdivided into seven yin (regions), seven pyin (states) and one trade unions area. Type: pg = region, st = state, u = trade-unions area. The first two numbers of the zip code for this department.

Remark: The capitol of Rakhine has been known as Akyab or Sittwe for many years. In the 1960' the Magway capitol travelled from Magwe to Yenangyaung for a while. Burma uses five-digit postcodes. First two numbers stand for the region or the federal state. Refer to the page of the Myanmar District. Areas and states are divided into Cayaing ("districts") and sub-states.

A number of new resources say Myanmar has 17 main divisions. These springs look at the Bago region in Bago (East) and Bago (West) and the Shan state in Shan (East), Shan (North) and Shan (South). There are also six self-governing areas or quarters, which are part of the Shan State and the Sayaing Region, according to the state.

UNLOCDE for Myanmar page shows places in the county, some with their latitude and longitude, others with their subdivision code according to UN 3166-2. Burma was a provincial state of India in 1900 and was split into Lower Burma (capital Rangoon) and Upper Burma (Mandalay). Northern Burma included the Mandalay, Meiktila, Minbu, Legaing and Federated Shan States (North and South) division.

Under Burma was made up of Arakan, Irrawaddy, Pegu and Tenasserim. The departments were further divided into wards. 1922-10-10: Karenni states (Bawlake, Kantarawaddy and Kyebogyi) placed under the management of the Federated Shan states. The Minbu Divison changes its name to Magwe; Meiktila Divison merges with Mandalay. C = Eastern States, L = Lower Burma, 1948-01-04:

China Hills and the Arakan Divison have left. The Kachin state, constituted by the occupation of Myitkyina and Bhamo Distrikt from Mandalay; Karen state, constituted by the occupation of parts of Amherst, Thaton and Toungoo Distrikt from Tenasserim; Karenni state, separated from Federated Shang states; Shang state, constituted by the merger of the Federated Shang states and the Wa states.

The name of the Karenni state was altered to Kayah. Yangon Divison, formerly a Pegu Divison area, has separated from Pegu. Pegu Division's headquarters have been moved from Rangoon to Pegu. The name of the Karen state was altered to Kawthule. 1972-06: Hanthawaddy and Hmawbi counties are moved from Pegu to Rangoon. The following departments were registered at the moment of the 1973 count.

Type: d = divide, sec = state. Chin Hills task force status and name in Chin State change. Chin's capitol moves from Falam to Haka. The name of the Kawthule status has been altered to Karen. My state has parted company with the Tenasserim DivisiĆ³n. Tenasserim's capitol moves from Moulmein to Tavoy. The status of the Arakan Divison has change.

The name of the land was altered from Burma to Myanmar. The Irrawaddy, Magwe, Pegu, Rangoon and 10asserim and Arakan, Karen and Karenni states have been renamed Ayeyarwady, Magway, Bago, Yangon, Tanintharyi, Rakhine, Kayin and Kayah. The name of the state capitol has shifted from Rangoon to Yangon. Nacional capitol relocated from Yangon to Naypyidaw, in Mandalay Divison.

With the new constitutional changes, the divisional standing in different areas was made. Naypyidaw is also included in the treaty as a trade unions area. Because of this the scope of Mandalay (formerly HASC-Code MM.MD) has been modified, I have it. 1 ] An introduction to the toponymy of Burma, a paper published by the Standing Committee on Geographical Names for official UK use (retrieved 2009-12-19), discussed names in Myanmar.

This also shows estimates of departmental population from 2007 onwards, multiplied by the 1983 numbers by 1. 552745 and rounded to the next 100. Since 1983 there has been no more censuses. 2] The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has produced a Digital Agricultural Atlas of the Union of Myanmar (accessed 2009-11-17).

4] Constitution of the Republic of Myanmar (2008) (accessed 2012-08-20).

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