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Rangoon Yangon hotels. All Rangoon hotels. Yangon Hotels are sorted by class by default: the most luxurious hotels in Rangoon are listed first. A number of hotels offer traditional Burmese performances with a traditional Burmese orchestra. We have hotels from standard to luxury in Yangon (Rangoon), Bagan (Pagan), Mandalay and more.

Rangoon, Burma, struck by a bombshell

One of Burma's most famous hotel has been hit by the last in a row of small bombs. Three people were arrested in an incident at the Traders Hotel in Rangoon, where a customer was wounded. Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the government, said they wanted to cause scare.

According to a report by local law enforcement, no one was hurt in the Mandalay area. There was an explosion in a hostel in downtown Burma on Friday and two more in Rangoon on Sunday, it is said. It was homemade, say the cops, and went off in the guest's bath.

One policeman cited the AFP press agency: "It was fastened to a watch. These bombings are the latest in a year in which widespread enthusiasm for democracy reform has been replaced by cultist attack across Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the government, said in an interview with MEPs that the equipment should "cause panic".

"However, the population should be careful not to get trapped," she said and urged the public agencies "to unmask the doers. In a Taungoo guest house on Friday, two men were murdered in the bombing. The Rangoon explosions wounded three lives, said Rangoon PD. Before the Traders Hôtel exploded, Lt Gen Min Aung said to AFP that the system used was "in all cases the same".

"And we think one organization or individual is planting them all," he said to the company.

Such Raffles Burma Hotels - Review of The Strand, Yangon (Rangoon)

This beach is a very unique place. It' s got the charme and ambiance like no other place I've been to, but you have to be conscious that it's not just what you'd expect from a top quality property - for that kind of moneys.

It' on Strand Road, a bustling, multi-lane road full of vehicles that are in the middle of nowhere. It is a very private room with only thirty rooms on two levels, each with a butler's workstation. Otherwise the motel is perfect cleaned, cool and in good shape, if you don't include the bath room doors, which were a little damaged (but still usable).

There is no swimming beach, which is very uncommon for such an expansive beach, and at the end of a busy summer sun. You actually have a small gymnasium in the old, unrenovated part of the property and while I wouldn't use it - it's badly furnished, the A/C doesn't work and there are many mosquitos - it's just to see the old part, what it was like before the refurbishment and for the really nice old steel elevator on the way (out of order).

An a la carte beach café breakfasts are delicious. And the beach grill, the exquisite place to eat, is also good - and very expensive. We have a specific clothing policy for women who are not permitted to wear naked and who are given a scarf to use. In Myanmar it's anything but apparent, and during our two-week trip across the countryside we find that the norm is not really getting connected to the web, so the constant connectivity in The Strand is a big advantage.

Other places may be a better choice for more traditional luxuries, but I'll be staying at The Strand when I get back to Yangon.

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