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Rangoon, Burma, struck by a bombshell

One of Burma's most famous hotel has been hit by the last in a row of small bombs. Three people were arrested in an incident at the Traders Hotel in Rangoon, where a customer was wounded. Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the government, said they wanted to cause scare.

According to a report by local law enforcement, no one was hurt in the Mandalay area. There was an explosion in a hostel in downtown Burma on Friday and two more in Rangoon on Sunday, it is said. It was homemade, say the cops, and went off in the guest's bath.

One policeman cited the AFP press agency: "It was fastened to a watch. These bombings are the latest in a year in which widespread enthusiasm for democracy reform has been replaced by cultist attack across Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the government, said in an interview with MEPs that the equipment should "cause panic".

"However, the population should be careful not to get trapped," she said and urged the public agencies "to unmask the doers. In a Taungoo guest house on Friday, two men were murdered in the bombing. The Rangoon explosions wounded three lives, said Rangoon PD. Before the Traders Hôtel exploded, Lt Gen Min Aung said to AFP that the system used was "in all cases the same".

"And we think one organization or individual is planting them all," he said to the company.

Two or more deaths decimated as fire Rangoon's Kandawgyi Palace hotels

In the early Thursday mornings, a major fire devastated most of the Kandawgyi Palace, killing at least two people in one of Rangoon's most famous establishments. Approximately 70 per cent of the building was damaged by the fire that started shortly after 3 a.m. A Macau lady was also wounded after jumping out of her room on the third storey of the building as the fire was raging.

Located on Lake Kandawgyi, the Kandawgyi property is the property of Tay Za Tay, a man best known for his links with Burma's former army regimes, which supported his companies in the areas of hospitals, airlines and building. Mr Yan Naing Tun, acting manager of Htoo hospitality, a Tay Za's Htoo Group of Companies affiliate, previously confirmed a fatality and said that 141 people lived in 96 rooms when the fire started, and that 145 of the hotel's 185 rooms were burned down.

Most of those that got booked into the hotels were overseas visitors. At a Thursday news meeting, Htoo Group spokesman Htay Lwin said Htoo Group personnel had given priority to evacuating visitors over attempts to put out the fire in the early phases of the fire, the cause of which was not known at the moment of the newscast.

"Our night-shift supervisor was arrested at the Mingalar Taung Nyunt township precinct. But I don't know what section[of the law] was used to accuse him," Htay Lwin said. Htoo spokesman said the corporation would take the blame for the loss of guests and the Macau woman's health-checks.

"Well, there's a lady at Rangoon General Hosp. We' ll take the blame, but she can't move to another clinic within 24hrs, according to the general clinic procedure," said Htay Lwin. Rejecting the critique that the resort was not in a position to take preventive action against the fire risk. Around 500 fire fighters, 50 fire engines, policemen and administration officers were sent to the site when the fire got worse.

According to information from the Rangoon Highway Patrol, the guests of Kandawgyi Palace were transferred to other Rangoon cities.

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