Burma Rainy Season

Myanmar rainy season

This is traditionally a low season for tourism in Myanmar. During the rainy season in July I visited Myanmar. The rainy season or the monsoon in Burma is from about the end of June to about mid-October. There is a risk of dengue transmission all year round, with peak transmission during the rainy season from May to October. The sea during the rainy season due to unpredictable and unfavourable sea conditions.

Visiting Myanmar in the rainy season: Low rains, great reward

Sitting here in our Yangon offices looking out the windows, it is clear that the rainy season has begun. Rainy season begins in May and lasts until September or October. These periods coincide with the "low season" for visitors who believe that the rain prevents any journey.

But it is not only possible to come in the rainy season, it is also one of the best periods to be here. First, we must break the legend that it is not possible to go to Myanmar in the rainy season. Rainfall varies from an all-day downpour to a two-hour or sometimes a combined one.

In the interior the rain pattern is a little different. With the coastline affected the most, most bathing areas are closed for the rainy season. At ChaungTha and Ngwe Saung there are some objects open, but it is seldom that there are sunshine from May to September. Its first advantage is the small number of visitors during the rainy season.

Burma is still a relatively untouristic destination. Each year, for example, an approximate 300,000 foreign visitors come to Bagan in comparison to the 3 million that come to Angkor Wat each year. Most of these visitors come to Myanmar between November and March, so they are likely to find empty places during the rainy time.

Last Saturday we went to the PhaungDaw Oo Pagoda at Lake Inle at noon and were the only international tourist there. It' s quite a stark contrasting to November when you have to struggle through the crowd to get near the major Buddha pictures. These lower visitor numbers mean that better services are also offered in the off-season.

In the off-season, there are special offers for tourists in addition to accommodation and cruise ships, so that great cost reductions can be achieved, especially for the higher-quality objects. It' a great way to transform your holiday into a more beautiful place without exceeding your budgets. And, because the crowd is thin, you can almost be sure you'll get your first-class hospital.

Apart from the small number of people and the lower price, the rainy season offers further advantages. Most parts of the land, the rain helps to clean the sky and everything blooms. This is the best moment for the photographer to catch the myanmar's nature and shimmer. Indigenous people hug the rain and it is great to see how they enjoy it.

The rain, after weeks of arid weather, brings cold, airy nights and early morning hours to many parts of Myanmar and the population. In the daytime most of us spend our time indoors to keep our bodies cold and sober, but in the night our relatives and acquaintances come out to the neighbourhoods, gardens and other areas for playing, walking or drinking.

A few people, nice scenery, smile faces, great services and great value: It is not only possible to come to Myanmar during the rainy season, it may also be the best season to come and see Myanmar.

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